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SA corruption watchdog to examine Super SA

South Australia’s corruption watchdog plans to scrutinise operations at the state’s largest superannuation scheme in a bid to bolster its ability to combat fraud.

Super SA is the superannuation funds provider to all SA government employees, with multiple schemes and investment products under its management.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption says it will evaluate the massive fund’s practices, policies and procedures to help improve its safeguards and stop corruption from occurring.

Commissioner Ann Vanstone says it’s essential Super SA has effective systems in place to prevent corruption.

“Super SA is the administrator of superannuation schemes for over 210,000 South Australians,’ she said in a statement on Friday.

The evaluation will examine the public authority’s operations and how it guards against corruption.

However, ICAC won’t be assessing how Super SA invests superannuation funds because this is handled by specialists outside the organisation.

Ms Vanstone also said the watchdog won’t be investigating any complaints during the process.

But, if evidence is found warranting an investigation, it would be dealt with separately and in accordance with the SA legislation.

SA Treasurer Rob Lucas acknowledged the examination, saying it was the next in a series of evaluations conducted by the ICAC since 2014.

The assessment will focus on Super SA’s human resources, recruitment, project and contract management practices, policies and procedures.

ICAC will call for submissions from the public in the coming months.

The evaluation starts on Monday with hopes a report will be completed by mid-2022.

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