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Rods are turning for Copper Search at Gawler Craton

ASX-listed Copper Search Limited kicked off its maiden drill campaign at the underexplored Billa Kalina project site on Saturday. The company is looking to drill test 10 priority targets over two years in the well-endowed Gawler Craton in South Australia, home to several major copper-gold resources including the extraordinary Olympic Dam and Prominent Hill projects.

Copper Search, as the name suggests, is in the copper exploration business and there is arguably no better place in Australia to find a large-scale, copper-gold deposit than the revered Gawler Craton. The company’s 100 per cent owned Billa Kalina copper-gold project is situated on a structural arc in the Gawler Craton between the world class Olympic Dam iron-oxide-copper-gold deposit and the giant Prominent Hill deposit in South Australia.

The company has identified multiple potential targets through an ongoing prioritisation process where it has already rated 10 targets as ‘drill-ready’ and it intends to drill test all of them over the next two years. Drill targets are based on a methodical review of much of Copper Search’s 6,500 square kilometre tenure.

Targets are generated by geophysical analysis, geochemical indicators, lineament mapping and most importantly, by identifying deep-set magnetic response zones that could potentially indicate the presence of breccia systems synonymous with copper-gold mineralisation in the region. The ranking system does not simply rely on high grades but instead takes many factors into consideration including the target depth. Target depth is a major factor not only due to the cost of drilling but also factoring in the cost of developing any successful discoveries made. The upper boundary of the initial 10 targets are all less than 400 metres deep.

A recent geophysical review has identified multiple pipe-like targets straddling a non-magnetic dyke complex which spans approximately 10 kilometres. Copper Search intends to test two targets approximately 1.5km apart in the initial phase of drilling that are relatively shallow, under 200m of cover. The drill holes are planned to reach the basement rock and will possibly be extended further into fresh rock depending on the preliminary results.

All necessary permits are in place for drilling to continue uninhibited over the next two years.

The commencement of drilling at Billa Kalina is a major milestone for the company, as we can now test the effectiveness of our methodology in identifying targets. We have at least ten priority targets identified and aim to have three of these tested by the end of this year.

Despite the Gawler Craton playing host to many major copper-gold deposits, the area remains largely under-explored due to the depth of overburden where in some instances, it can reach over 1,000m deep, which means there is ample untested ground for the company to sink its teeth into.

With numerous high priority targets identified and the rotary truth diviner approaching target depth on its maiden drill hole, it’s safe to say Copper Search’s initial results will be highly anticipated by the market.

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