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Rockingham mother Anita Robin Lawrence charged with assault of BWS worker

A Rockingham mother has admitted punching a Waikiki bottle shop worker who refused to serve her son.

Anita Robin Lawrence faced Rockingham Magistrates Court Friday April 1, where she admitted assaulting the employee at BWS.

Sen. Const. Anderson said that at 8.18 pm on February 10, the son of Lawrence entered the store to buy alcohol.

When asked to present verification of his vaccination status, he was unable to and was asked to leave the store. When he returned to the family home, Lawrence was made aware of what happened and became angry, as they had been down to that bottle shop many times before without any issues.

Lawrence took a taxi to the shop to confront the worker. Sen. Const. Anderson said once she arrived, the employee was met with a very aggressive Lawrence and she began yelling slurs such as “f…ing pig” and accused the victim of discrimination against her autistic son.

She then moved towards the victim and backhanded him on the arm.

Magistrate Matthew Walton called Lawrence’s conduct “simply ridiculous” and said she was not being reasonable as the employee was merely “doing his job”.

Mr Walton acknowledged that raising children had its fair share of challenges at the best of times and that Lawrence came to the defence of her son. But he said acting out in this manner was simply inexcusable and poor behaviour on her part.

Lawrence pleaded guilty to the assault charge and was fined $250.

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