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Responses to President Trump’s vulgar comments on immigration (7 letters)

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on Thursday at the White House.

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President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on Thursday at the White House.

Re: “Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries in Oval Office meeting,” Jan. 11 news story.

Donald Trump has finally done what most people believe could not be done by a sitting president. We have become used to him insulting numerous countries and peoples of the world. But this time he overstepped all boundaries. With one statement he managed to demean an entire continent and by inference scores of other nations throughout the world. His reference to the “shithole” nations of Africa and by inference other nations of the world has brought him to a new low.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It is a national disgrace. There are 535 members of Congress. Why are there not 535 senators and representatives expressing outrage and condemning him for this action? How many cowards do we have in Congress who are afraid to stand up and be counted? Shame on them. I urge them to read “Profiles In Courage” by John F. Kennedy.

Here’s hoping we remember this at election time.

Jerry Garland, Lakewood

I have a dear friend who frequently visits Haiti to deliver babies, train local midwives, and affirm the value of their lives. I have had many precious conversations with my high school students from Ghana, South Sudan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Honduras, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, etc., conversations that have given me a deep respect for their struggles to overcome political adversity and civil unrest. I have listened to their stories of escape from violence and seen their tears of concern for family members still living in their homeland.

My heart is breaking over the insulting language which belittles their race or ethnicity and denies the value of inclusion in our society.

Rather than succumbing to “shock fatigue” from yet another hateful, outrageous comment, I will not be neutral or silent. As a citizen who votes and expects accountability from public figures, I will seek ways to mend the harm done through democratic processes. I will support bipartisan efforts to restore respect and dignity to all who have been harmed.

Carol Carpenter, Denver

Donald Trump’s comment today about people from “shithole” countries is an embarrassment to the U.S.A. I wonder why Republican leaders don’t denounce him and his racism and hatred. I thought that people would turn on him for his comments about good people among the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. I also expected more condemnations when he pardoned Joe Arpaio and when he endorsed Roy Moore. Have we in this country lost our decency, our morality, and our basic respect for democracy? I am ashamed to be linked to the United States of Donald Trump.

Linda Baggus, Denver

Sen. Richard Durbin has been critical of our president and has accused him of making comments the president has denied making. I wonder how many times Durbin, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have vacationed with their families in Haiti. I’d bet the answer would be zero. Ask them why, and if honest, their reply would be, “Because Haiti is a shithole, not the vacation spot of choice.”

That’s a fact that is common knowledge to most everyone with media access.

G. Swenson, Littleton

The president, by virtue of his inability to exercise civil judgment, has turned the nation’s symbol of leadership from the White House to the Outhouse. The stench from Washington gets worse each day he remains in office.

Jerry Larue Smith, Kittredge

Questions of Donald Trump’s mental fitness to be president aside, his disgraceful comments on Africa and Haiti show that his moral fitness for the office is zero. He should resign while our country still has some face to save.

Ralph W. Cannon, Denver

How embarrassing to the United States. Our president slams countries (using foul language) where immigrants have come from from recent tragedies. What kind of person insults people who have sought protection from tyrants, crazy hatred and natural disasters, such as the Haitians or Salvadorans? Is it because most of them are not white, blond and may speak a language other than English?

Donald Trump needs to go, sooner than later. I question his sanity, his ability to communicate effectively, and basic human kindness. Let’s not forget how he mocked a disabled person in the past. We don’t need a foul-mouthed person leading our country. What kind of role model is that to our youth and the world?

Cheryl Brungardt, Wheat Ridge

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