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Remembrance Day: Poppies turn Kings Park State War Memorial into a sea of red

The area around the Flame of Remembrance at the State War Memorial in Kings Park is being turned a sea of red as volunteers plant hand knitted poppies ahead of Remembrance Day.

Premier Mark McGowan and WA Defence Issues Minister Paul Papalia joined Returned and Services League chief executive John McCourt and RSL “poppy ladies’’ and community volunteers to plant the first of a total of 62,000 poppies which will be installed.

The first 11,000 are going in around the Flame of Remembrance and the rest will be installed on Friday in the lawn nearby.

Each poppy is a tribute to a Digger who was killed in WWI, which effectively came to an end on November 11, 1918, when the guns of the Western Front fell silent after four years of bloody warfare.

Mr McGowan said the tragedy of WWI was immense.

“62,000 young men being killed in the space of four years, hundreds of thousands of others wounded or mentally damaged.

“To place these 62,000 poppies here on the hundredth anniversary (of the armistice) I think is a fitting tribute.”

“I would encourage everyone to come and see it and show our appreciation of that generation who suffered so much on behalf of this generation,” Mr McGowan said.

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