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Rebel Nationals MP George Christensen attends Canberra anti-vax mandate protest

Controversial Nationals MP George Christensen has appeared in the crowd of a huge anti-vaccine mandate protest in the nation’s capital, amid a week of tense rallies.

The massive crowd of protesters marched through Canberra to Old Parliament House – which is damaged from alleged arson during a separate rally – demanding an end to Covid restrictions.

Some chanted “no more mandates” and “save Australia”, while others yelled out “stick your vaccine passports up your arse”.

Millions March
Camera IconThousands of people have turned out to protest. NCA/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

“Thousands of people here from all walks of life,” Mr Christensen said in a lifestream over social media.

“They claim we’re fringe dwellers, but look at all the people here. All they’re wanting is for this nonsense to end.

George Christensen at the rally
Camera IconGeorge Christensen livestreamed himself outside Old Parliament House. Credit: NCA NewsWire

“We want our freedom back, we want these mandates to end, we want medical segregation to end, lockdowns, state border closures.”

Millions March
Camera IconPolice estimate more than 2000 people attended Saturday’s rally. NCA/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia
Millions March
Camera IconProtesters carried Australia Red Ensign and Aboriginal flags. NCA/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

Protesters are believed to have travelled from as far as north Queensland and Perth, inspired by large-scale truck driver protests in Canada.

The protesters have kept a steady presence in Canberra the past week, claiming they are there to hold the government to account.

Standing outside Old Parliament House, a man addressed the crowd and claimed the spirit of the ANZACs had arrived while demanding “Satan and his evil henchmen” leave the “big satanic building up on the hill.”

He told the crowd that their rights were being restored.

“In the vacuum created by the departure of evil, we invite the Holy Spirit and the angels of God to descend on this place to protect us,” he said.

“Please maintain your silence because this is a historic day – the 5th October 2022 will be a day to remember.

“February 5th, sorry.”

Millions March
Camera IconThe crowds brought traffic to a standstill in Canberra. NCA/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

The man also predicted the Prime Minister would not run at the next election, and that people had been “researching” what had been going on in Australia.

“We have a government that has been acting illegally since 1971, we have a government that has usurped its responsibility to its people in order to serve corporations,” he said.

Millions March
Camera IconProtesters called for the end of vaccine passports and Covid restrictions. NCA/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

A police estimate of the crowds at Saturday’s protest stands at more than 2000, with officers to maintain a presence at the rally until it tapers off.

Protesters carried Australian Red Ensign and Aboriginal flags, while Waltzing Matilda and True Blue blasted in the background.

A man on a megaphone called for no more vaccine passports and for politicians to be sacked, while protesters yelled out “save Australia”, “save our children” and “sack them all”.

Millions March
Camera IconThe convoy has been in Canberra for the past week. NCA/Gary Ramage Credit: News Corp Australia

The convoy set up outside the National Library of Canberra several days ago as part of the planned protests.

While the majority of the rallies have been peaceful, some protesters this week were capsicum sprayed and arrested as police attempted to clear the lawn outside of the library.

ACT police confirmed a woman had been arrested after allegedly assaulting officers, while two men, who allegedly interfered with her arrest were also charged.

Two people were treated for minor injuries.

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