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Real-time updates from Week 16 action

Live updates, tweets, photos, analysis and more from the Denver Broncos game against the Washington Redskins at FedExField in Landover, Md., on Dec. 24, 2017.

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#AZCardinals vs. #AFCWest
Away KC, LAC https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DR1gc4-UEAAQkqn.jpgHe has been wildly inconsistent. Said it for weeks. And his penalties have been mentioned repeatedly.. Been a real learning experience. But this is really his third year of football. I like his potential, and would move him to RT twitter.com/MartinBerliner…The Broncos trail 13-3 with 3:30 left in the third. A not-so-friendly reminder: They’ve lost every game in which th… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…The Broncos trail 13-3 with 3:30 left in the third. A not-so-friendly reminder: They’ve lost every game in which they’ve trailed after three quarters.There is no standard. Bingo.
twitter.com/mikepereira/st…BTW: Washington has soared past Denver in toral yards: 256-213WATCH: Saints’ Marshon Lattimore makes an interception. With his butt. dpo.st/2D9uszL
#NOvsATL You can take this as editorial comment on quality of John Elway’s drafting. But don’t have to (LOL) … twitter.com/dcsportsbog/st…Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan now has 10 sacks this season, making him the third Redskin to record double-digit sacks in a season (joining Charles Mann and Dexter Manley in 1985-86). Kerrigan has recorded double digits in three of the last four years and… espn.com/espn/now?nowId…Best moment of Christmas Eve at this Den vs Wash game: “Sweet Caroline” during a break in action.I’m going to give Ryan Kerrigan the bullrush of the year.Not sure how Denver doesn’t come out with a heavy does of C.J. Anderson after the turnover. This team gets away from what it does well at the slightest deficit.There might not be 3 NFL QBs that bring $30m value. twitter.com/AdamVonnahme/s…Nice punt by Riley Dixon. High, far. 48 yards with no chance of return.I agree… twitter.com/archurops/stat…I know it’s hindsight, but Broncos clearly should have come out running the ball with CJ Anderson.No next post is Good day… twitter.com/joserbronco7/s…#Broncos Bolles pancaked on sack.. Wow.Wow. Kerrigan steam rolled Garrett Bollest.co

Garett Bolles got steamrolled, then Ryan Kerrigan tripped up Osweiler.Saints Christmas card: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DR1fw4iXUAQwK3X.jpgHave a great holiday twitter.com/Showdown4life/…Will Parks picks off Kirk Cousins in the end zone.Horrible decision by Cousins. Will Parks with pick.Just…. a bad decision. No one was open.Cousins with awful pass into coverage.. Parks with INT.. TD there likely seals game.. Instead forces it.. .. Just poor decision. #Denver7 Kirk Cousins … might’ve tried to do a wee bit too much there. LOLWill Parks picks off Kirk Cousins in the end zone.Cousins, Washington lead Osweiler, Denver, 10-3 at halftime 9news.com/sports/nfl/den… via @9NEWS #9sports I said the same thing about Tyrod Taylor in his game vs. Denver. … It’s an analogy.. Draw in defense, force it to make tough decision.. Drive and dish.. It really isn’t that hard to follow along. twitter.com/Showdown4life/…Bibbs with a good blitz pickup on third downIf you don’t see the Broncos’ No. 1 issue is a QB issue, I can’t help you. twitter.com/desheldon/stat…Cousins with point guard like play.. Runs right to line of scrimmage… draws defense and makes nice throw for big gain. #Denver7 Make Kirk Cousins the starting QB for Broncos and they win the AFC West this season.Love my job… I am well-versed on covering bad teams after 15 years on MLB beat twitter.com/DonMauro1/stat…Issues with distributor… Looking to restart after the season… Thanks for listening. Much appreciated. twitter.com/jasonhackett/s…Kendall Fuller cleared of any concussion. Will return. Robert Davis out with a concussion.Cousins nothing special in first half, but one TD drive after Brock TO is the difference. He is 8-19 for 97 yards and a TD. Brock is 11-19, 119 yards and two turnovers. @cjandersonb22 has 70 yards on 12 carries. #Denver7 Was there a definitive angle that showed his foot was off the ground? twitter.com/nflfootballops…There is such a thing as too dumb to play football. It’s rare. But possible.He’s only playing this week because Sanders and Latimer are out.. Plan was to keep him inactive… twitter.com/GABkicksass/st…Makes sense.. twitter.com/NickMiso1/stat…If you have to coach a player to go out of bounds with no timeouts, then you have the wrong player. twitter.com/NickMiso1/stat…The Redskins’ defense has forced turnovers to set up points — and also to prevent. It’s been a missing part of the Redskins’ season. And that enabled the offense to start finding a rhythm in the pass game. Quarterback Kirk Cousins hasn’t been terrific,… espn.com/espn/now?nowId…Broncos have a second-quarter lapse with two turnovers in the quarter and then rookie wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie failed to get out of bounds on the last play of the half when the Broncos could have had a field goal attempt just before halftime…. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…During W at Inday, we saw the beat-the-Pats Brock. So far in DC, we see the Osweiler that got fired in Houston.There have been a lot of coaching issues.. That’s squarely on the player. Have to know the situation. That’s Football 101.. Know where you are on the field, clock and timeouts. Basic stuff twitter.com/lilerq74/statu…HALFTIME
#Redskins 10, #Broncos 3

#DENvsWAS live blog: dpo.st/2BYrluXHey, Isaiah McKenzie broke 2 tackles and didn’t fumble after the catch. Go out of bounds to stop clock for FG attempt? C’mon. Can’t have everything.McKenzie did cut away from at least two tacklers.And yet another silly mistake. McKenzie runs into the middle of the field rather than go out of bounds.. Clock runs out.. No FG.. Just basic, fundamental stuff #Denver7 #DENvsWAS Another rookie brain freeze for Isaiah McKenzie. Runs back into the middle of the field when Denver had no timeouts. Oy.I’m sure VJ will bee blamed for Brock’s turnovers.A play by a 5-9 team. No time outs; chance to go out of bounds — and cuts inside so the clock runs out. Yikes.I ask and Jordan Taylor listens.. Taylor with 22-yard grabWith each possession, the absence of @ESanders_10 and Cody Latimer becoming more glaring. Need second weapon in passing gameFuller coming off the field after the officials called for a medical time out. Fuller was gesturing as he walked off like he didn’t know why he needed to leave.D.J. Swearinger now has a career-best four interceptions this season. He’s proven to be a good free agent pickup because he can play; he’s a solid tackler and a vocal presence. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…Almost

Fire alarm drill… Cousins crushed by avalanche of defenders after bad snap… @VonMiller living in backfield last two plays. A lot of plays. But specifically, the last two. #Denver7 I think that pass was intended for Demaryius Thomas.. Swearinger with the gift pick… He’s the guy that irked #Broncos in preseason a few years ago, leading to Peyton Manning being fined for taunting. #Denver7 #DENvsWAS live blog: dpo.st/2l6tcWN twitter.com/NickiJhabvala/…Osweiler.Osweiler intercepted. Broncos coming unglued.Marcus Williams and Craig Robertson both get credit for helping keep that ball on Lattimore’s butt, which might be… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…Booker as a receiver is a thing..LMAO LATTIMORE PICKED THAT BALL OFF SITTING ON HIS ASSA familiar scenario unfolds for Broncos as breakdown in pass protection leads to a turnover by the quarterback and opponent then takes ball and drives for touchdown — Washington leads 10-3 after touchdown following Brock Osweiler fumble. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…Receiver Jamison Crowder has the ability to hurt corners in man coverage because of his shiftiness off the line. That’s what he showed on his touchdown catch: an ability to widen a corner with a quick step off the line. Crowder didn’t feel he had that… espn.com/espn/now?nowId…#Washington scoring drive after Osweiler fumble: 5 plays, 38 yards., 2:26. #Broncos trail 10-3. Broncos pretty much shown they can’t overcome turnovers. Quick change points after TOs among highest in league. #Denver7 Takes the Redskins just 126 seconds to turn the Broncos’ turnover into a touchdown and a 10-3 lead.Crowder was even more open on 15-yard, easier-to-throw slant. TD WAS. Another Broncos turnover converted into TD. WAS up 10-3. 2:07 left in half.Cousins to Crowder for the TD
#Redskins 10, #Broncos 3

#DENvsWAS live blog: dpo.st/2BYDT5v https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DR1YUgdWkAE3MPH.jpgCousins finds Jamison Crowder against Roby in coverage for the TD. Redskins take the lead, 10-3.

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