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Real-time updates from the NFC divisional playoff game – The Denver Post

Live updates, tweets, photos, analysis and more from the Atlanta Falcons divisional playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Jan. 13, 2018.

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The snap and hold were perfect, by the way.#Eagles playing sloppy ball. 3 fumbles, missed PAT, but somehow lead the Falcons 6-3.That was Eagles’ 48th offensive touchdown this season. Twenty-six of them have been drives of 75 yards or more. That one was 86 yards.So we have three possessions, three fumbles and a missed extra point already. #Eagles are ahead but it’s like they’re behind.#Falcons LB LaRoy Reynolds was blocked by TE Trey Burton on the TD run as Blount scooted into the endzone fourth-and-goal from the 1.#Eagles burned nearly seven minutes on that touchdown-scoring drive. Will likely need to win TOP to win the game.#Eagles 6, #Falcons 3 after Jake Elliott misses PAT. Drive 14 plays, 86 yards, 6:44 off the clockGood decision and even better call. But of course another missed EP by the rookie.And missed the extra point.#Eagles 1-yard TD run by LeGarrette Blount. Great lead block by Trey Burton. After missed extra point, Eagles up, 6-3.Gutsy call by Doug Pederson pays off. His coaching is the reason the #Eagles are winning so farEagles score the TD anyhow.Why #Falcons are fighting for every blade of grass.Ajayi not in the game on 4th down #Eagles Doug is going, as if there were any doubt.#Eagles going for itPederson is going for it #Eagles Foles is short of the goal line. No touchdown.Ajayi had been carrying the offense…was not on the field for any of the first three plays #Eagles Fourth down.Don’t think the Eagles got into the end zone after the fumble. Under review. De’Vondre Campbell appeared to force fumble.That’s coming back. He was down and touched. But with the refs and this replay system. who knows reallly. #Falcons at #Eagles .That’s three possessions, three fumbles for #Eagles . Best play-calling in world can’t overcome that.That should be coming back IMO #Eagles Wow. What a heads up play by Foles to get that. #Eagles #Eagles gotta get a TD here. Points will be hard to come by. Gotta capitalizeVic Beasely man to man on Alshon won’t work. That’s why DQ called timeout.Falcons have stepped up their red zone defense this season. Let’s see how they fare here.Cool play. Like a wing counter with Agholor. Get the LBs moving.Great play by the Eagles. Totally took the Falcons off guard on the Agahlor run.Eagles have forced two timeouts with 13 personnel (3 TEs).#Falcons with timeout. (Poor use of timeouts if you ask me.)Nice design there. Little wrinkle by Doug Pederson handling off the Nelson Agholor. First and goal #Eagles #Eagles with the unscouted look.McKinley is back out there.Great play call and design by Doug Pederson #Eagles Takk back in the game and just brought some great pressure on second down. Just couldn’t get to Foles.That was a nice play by Foles #Eagles Quick timeout for the Falcons. I’m sure tackling has to be part of the emphasis. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…He started. twitter.com/ahudson68/stat…#Eagles OL controlling things in run game.After one quarter, Falcons have 102 total yards. They are 1 of 3 on third down and 0 for 1 in the red zone. Three penalties for 68 yards for the Falcons compared to no penalties for the Eagles. Matt Ryan 6 of 8 for 73 yards passing. Falcons have ran… espn.com/espn/now?nowId…Despite a sloppy first quarter, #Eagles are down only, 3-0, and now have the wind at their backs.Ajayi with 49 rushing yards already at end of first quarter. At some point they have to cash in, though.Ajayi has 58 yards of offense in the first quarter #Eagles I don’t know. Nothing has been announced. twitter.com/theseangray/st…#Eagles offensive line is owning the Falcons’ front. All kinds of running room for Jay Ajayi, who’s running hard after his fumble.Ajayi really heating up after that fumble. Doug Pederson seems ready to hand it to him all game if needed. #Eagles Shelby, Jarrett, Rubin, Brooks Reed in for #Falcons Dline to start this possession. #Eagles open with 10 yard run.Falcons go for it on fourth down but end up being whistled for delay of game. Probably a good thing that happened. Quite an early gamble.#Eagles get hurt by that call. Could have had it on the 50, now #Falcons get to punt#Falcons delay of game.Good decision here. They have the wind, and Eagles have shown no ability to score.#Falcons are going for it.Ty Sambrailo in for 1 play as blocking TE. He’s played 17 plays at that spot over last two games.#Falcons going no-huddle. Not real fast. But at the line quick. Looked to sidelne before throwing comeback route to Julio Jones.#Eagles first two drives derailed by fumbles. How much can they ask Foles to overcome?Takk McKinley looked OK. Got off the table. Still had his helment. #Falcons McKinley has helmet in hand as if he’s ready to come back#Eagles had success on the ground on that drive. Mistakes hurting the offense even though its benefitted from two questionable pass interference penalties.Trainer has his hand on Takk McKinley’s left shoulder on the bench#Falcons Doctors working on McKinley’s left arm.Falcons rookie defensive end Takk McKinley shaken up on a third-down play. Still on the ground. espn.com/espn/now?nowId…Sack takes them out of field goal range. Earlier fumble also cost them potential points. Shooting themselves in foot.Sack by Clayborn. Takk McKinley down on the field. #Falcons force fourth down.Ball has to come out quicker there. That sack is on Foles.Sack by Adrian Clayborn on third down. Takk McKinley hurt.Another 3rd-and-long #Eagles #Eagles looking like the dome team here.Questionable pass interference penalty on Desmond Trufant on third down.Don’t know what the refs were looking at there.#Eagles wanted to avoid third-and-longs. Second drive of the game, 3rd-and-10.Another terrible throw by Foles #Eagles #Falcons redzone plays: Run by Freeman (stuffed by Fletcher Cox); short pass to Hooper in flat: Short 3-yard pass to Gabriel on third-and-8. #NoJulioJones Well, at least he didn’t fumble. Baby steps.

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