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Qld’s deal with Tesla for net zero homes

Tesla’s Powerwall batteries will be used in ‘futuristic’ zero emission homes as part of a deal with Natural Solar and the Queensland Government.

Solar panels, battery storage, heat pump hot water systems and WiFi air conditioning comes as standard in two new residential developments in suburban Brisbane.

Homes will be capable of generating more than 120 percent of their electricity needs, and have the option of selling the surplus on the energy market.

Michael Kane from Economic Development Queensland said virtual power plants can connect homes to the grid.

“They’re little power stations, and they’re generating more than enough power for each individual home,” Dr Kane said.

The developments are designed to show the industry that energy efficient homes are commercially competitive.

“The market interest has been very strong,” he said.

At the Oxley’s Songbird development, the deal with Natural Solar and Tesla will give residents access to a solar PV and Powerwall battery package.

“Homeowners at Songbird Oxley, can expect to save up to $2000 per year, delivering a return on investment in around 5 years,” Natural Solar CEO Chris Williams said.

“With solar, you typically generate more energy than you need, so by combining with the Tesla Powerwall, it can be stored and used when needed.”

A second development at Carseldine Village features terrace homes with AlphaESS batteries.

The state government is leading the developments through Economic Development Queensland.

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