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Promise of punk shenanigans in Capel

High energy, shenanigans and 80s neon bridesmaid frocks are all on the cards when punk outfit Flangipanis hit the South West on their maiden voyage to WA.

The four-piece is an emerging icon of Brisbane’s underground and alternative music scene who are promising to bring the party – and potentially some debauchery.

“We used to, at the very start, try and get everyone naked as well, which we still do sometimes,” front woman Jodie Lawlor said.

“People use it as an excuse sometimes just to let their hair down – it’s fantastic.”

Lawlor said she was “stoked” to travel to the South West, having never before been able to afford flights across the country.

“I don’t think any one of the four of us have ever been before so we are very excited,” she said.

“I was actually Google mapping this earlier, because I have no idea where anything is. Capel looks like it is in the middle of nowhere which is fantastic – it looks exciting. We have a spare day too so we might have a big pub crawl.”

Brisbane punk band Flangipanis will embark on their debut tour of WA with a gig at the Capel Country Club on Friday.
Camera IconBrisbane punk band Flangipanis will embark on their debut tour of WA with a gig at the Capel Country Club on Friday.

Although originally deciding to start a band which sounded like the Dropkick Murphys back in 2008, Lawlor said they soon steered away towards the upbeat punk sound they have cultivated today.

Time and rhythm section line-up changes also had a hand in their evolution.

“We were changing and evolving anyway, as well as having those changes come in,” she said.

“It keeps it kind of fresh, which is cool.

“You get to the point where you play the same songs but you have different people playing it, which gives it new life.”

With their latest release Always the Bridesmaid featuring tracks such as Global Warming Makes My Beer Warm and My Boyfriend Likes Ebay More Than My Boyfriend Likes Me, its not surprising the band’s main aim is to “not take anything seriously”.

Having performed since she was 15-years-old, Lawlor said she could not imagine a life without music.

“Sometimes I think about it and I think of how boring it would be,” she said.

“It’s such an outlet, I am so much less angry.”

The vocalist and guitarist was looking forward to playing alongside bands Roach Bones, The Donald Trumpets and Chickspit – if they manage to find their way to the Capel Country Club.

“We are going to get lost – so if you see some pale, half-drunk people wandering around with a smile and slightly swearing, just point us into the direction of the gig.”

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