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Princess Eugenie Royal Wedding 2018: Best and worst dressed celebrities

IT’S important to preface this by saying that this list doesn’t come from a place of bitchiness. This list comes from a place of joy — because who doesn’t love gleefully pawing over celeb photos from a big fashion event.

Often “best and worst dressed” lists come from a mean spirited place and frankly that is not our jam, because if anyone was criticising our outfits in an international forum we’d be crucified. I am writing this in a butter-stained tracksuit pant. True story.

In the lead up to Princess Eugenie’s wedding the haters were rubbing their hands together with glee, because Fergie and her daughters have long been mocked for their left of centre fashion choices.

So it was so kind of thrilling when Eugenie turned up to her Windsor wedding looking like the loved-up princess that she is in her Peter Pilotto gown and blingtastic tiara, thoroughly devastated the haters who were all ready with the “Frock Horror” headlines.

media_cameraThe face of a girl who knows she severely disappointed her critics.

Big sister Beatrice went with a bold splash of peacock blue in her Ralph & Russo skirt and jacket, and won everybody over with her animated reading from The Great Gatsby in the midst of a largely monotonous ceremony.

media_cameraPrincess Beatrice went for an excellent colour pop. Her relative Mike Tindall applauded it.

One has the creeping suspicion that if you want to have a good time, the royals you’d want to hang out with are Fergie, Beatrice and Eugenie — the “black sheep” of the royal family who haven’t had the focus and pressure to conform that Kate, William, Harry and Meghan have.

media_cameraDefinitely gossiping about someone. We want in.

It seems this sector of the royal family can let their hair down a bit. For example, Eugenie has bucked protocol by having her own Instagram account and just married the manager of a tequila company. Which reminds us of this recent quote from Fergie regarding her relationship with her new son-in-law: “The good news is that Jack works as the European manager for Casamigos tequila, so I’m perfect. He’ll just hand me the tequila and say ‘come on, mother-in-law, down it’”.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the royal family talking about chugging spirits.

So in the spirit of Fergie, Eugenie and Beatrice — who have always worn whatever they wanted, despite the feedback — let’s look at all the celeb outfits from the wedding and tip our hat to the people who let their freak flag fly.

media_cameraThe Queen dressed to match this wall, and refused to accessorise her outfit with a smile for the entire day. Prince Phillip just looked happy to be alive.
media_cameraEmma Joy Kitchener and Julian Fellowes. We love her for her commitment to staying warm in that hideous wind that whipped up around Windsor before the wedding. “This wind calls for my Russian fur hat and a pair of thick white stockings”.
media_cameraThis is singer Ellie Goulding. Apparently she had a bit of thing with Prince Harry, so she turned up to the royal wedding accessorised with a dashing art dealer/rower by the name of Caspar Jopling. This is a power move we can all get behind.
media_cameraPixie Geldof is wearing the outfit we all wish we had when we have run out of time for a spray tan/wax. It’s basically like going out wrapped in a sheet and we are here for it.
media_cameraTo be honest we were a little disappointed by Holly Candy (nee Valance)’s conservative Ralph & Russo ensemble. But then we clocked the cute driving gloves and were won over.
media_cameraSee? CUTE.
media_cameraI have absolutely no idea who Emma Louise Connolly is, but she is a serious contender for best on ground. That fabulously out-there handbag. The blingy belt that is perfect for a day celebrating love. The turban style hat. All topped off by a dapper gent who goes by the utterly English name “Oliver Proudlock”. (PS, we googled it, turns out he is on reality TV show Made in Chelsea).
media_cameraPeople say you shouldn’t wear black to a wedding. But Naomi Campbell does what she damn well wants, as shown by her outfit choice. If somebody had kicked the bucket at the wedding, she could have gone seamlessly into (chic) mourning.
media_cameraCara Delevingne is who we all wished we were at high school. Wears whatever she damn well wants, rolls with the cool guys …
media_camera… manages to make a toothpick the must have accessory of 2018.
media_cameraPoppy Delevingne and Cara Delevingne. Sisters who managed to get 50 per cent of Britain’s good genes.
media_cameraCara’s sister Poppy Delevingne looked magnificent, though that hat was slightly inconsiderate for the people sitting behind her in the church who were craning their necks to see Prince George picking his nose during the ceremony.
media_cameraNothing says “I have a lot of money and confidence” like a guy in a bold coloured suit. This is Richard Branson’s son Sam.
media_cameraWe don’t know who Chelsy Davy’s pal is, but we love that she has gone to a British wedding in Austin Powers chic. Perfection.
media_cameraSofia Wellesley, aka Mrs James Blunt is another contender for best on ground. She also managed to convince her husband to wear socks that complemented her outfit and for this she should probably be knighted.
media_cameraThere seems to be an unspoken agreement that if you are an A-list celeb and you attend anything in Britain you must wear Stella McCartney. Demi Moore adhered to that rule …
media_camera… as did Liv Tyler.
media_cameraKate Moss looked predictably excellent in polkadots. She was there with daughter Lila Grace, who looked like she just fell out of a Topshop catalogue.
media_cameraThat’s the other 50 per cent of Britain’s good genes right there.

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