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Pom in Oz: School’s example of a Christian Christmas is second to none

So you might not know — although it’s usually the end line for my opinion pieces — but I work at Geraldton Christian College.

A lot of schools carry the word Christian in their title or in their mission statement. But Geraldton Christian College is the only one I have worked at that is Christian in every sense of the word.

This has become so very apparent as we approach Christmas.

Now, I am not criticising how other schools “do” Christmas — each to their own — and I have always enjoyed the festive period, no matter which school I was at. But Geraldton Christian College do things very differently.

We don’t go big on decorations, Santa hats and elves (although some teachers do a little). But we talk about Jesus and his birth, his purpose on Earth and his sacrifice for mankind.

We don’t spend the last two weeks doing Christmas card making, wrapping, Secret Santas and homemade decorations. But we do allow our students to be relaxed, reflective and truly enjoy the season.

What we do is we talk about Christmas in the context of its significance to us. Now I know this is not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I have to admire the school’s promise. It’s a Christian school and does not shy away from that fact. The college is unashamed of the gospel, it’s unapologetic of the fact it teaches children in a very different way to other schools.

I have felt for a long time that our society is moving away from traditional values, and Christmas time is one such area. Commercialism and consumerism rule the roost and this permeates in schools as well.

It’s refreshing and reassuring that some institutions are going against that grain and standing up for what the deeper meanings of these events are.

Merry Christmas one and all and God bless.

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