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Playful landscaping feathers the nest

Outdoor living is a must-have in Western Australian homes, with long stretches of sunny weather making the backyard a beloved family space.

And though Perth’s warm climate certainly helps, exterior designer Tristan Peirce said the sense of comfort and relaxation in a property’s backyard largely came down to good design.

Speaking on his landscaping role at Webb & Brown-Neaves’ display home, The Nest, Mr Peirce said a well-designed outdoor area often complemented the interior, serving to create an aesthetically pleasing and easy-use space.

“My role was to design the landscape spaces that seamlessly flowed from the inside of the home to the outside, treating the whole block as a living space,” he said.

“The breakfast bar links the indoor and outdoor spaces physically and visually.

“Looking through this space leads you through to the circular seating area and across to the circular lawn spaces.

“The playful nature of the spaces links well to the design of the house, with initial themes of the home being a ‘fun house’ to be explored by the whole family.”

Inspired by the curve in the facade of the Treeby display, the landscaping of the backyard is also curved and references a similar theme to the house interior.

Mr Peirce said engaging outdoor living spaces were created when landscapers had fun with the design and incorporated a mix of interesting features.

True to the principle, The Nest boasts a colourful selection of plants, including a raised planting area on the upper level of the facade which adds greenery to the edge of the home.

The feature, which is unique to The Nest, catches the eye from the kerb with a show of platforms and steps to the entry.

The intriguing element breaks away from the typical rectangular format and enables the inclusion of mixed planting and the display of a variety of colours and textures.

Though the raised element is a charming and statement-making addition to the property, Mr Peirce said he personally found the circular fire pit seating area to be the most impactful feature of the home’s exterior.

He said the space drew people out of the home to gather around and chat outside, which he considered a strong feature of an entertainer’s backyard.

“Like the interior home, there are multiple useable spaces that can cater to varying age groups,” he said.

“The backyard caters to family and friend gatherings where large groups can entertain together, while also slightly separating into these different spaces.

“This style of landscape includes key areas such as a generous lawn space for small children and pets, as well as a built-in seating space and conversation area.”

To cater for potential varying uses of the backyard, The Nest includes a polished, light-toned alfresco, enchanting garden path, manicured deep green lawn and a modern, grey fire pit.

Mr Peirce said it was important for homebuyers to strongly consider how they might use their own backyard in the planning stages to ensure a well-designed, convenient and purpose-built space tailored to their needs.

“When planning the landscape of your home, it’s important to think about how you and your family will live within the spaces, and how you will get the most out of your home and garden,” he said.

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