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Players to be tested regularly for Covid-19 during the Australian PGA and WPGA events

Players at this week’s Australian PGA and WPGA Championships will be tested regularly for Covid-19 to help maintain a safe environment at Royal Queensland.

PGA of Australia CEO Gavin Kirkman said his priority was to ensure players, caddies, staff and fans were safe.

“Our players are all being tested,” Kirkman said.

“They are doing rapid antigen tests … and if there’s any positive, we’ve got PCR testing being carried out straight away.

“If you test positive as a player or a caddie (to the rapid antigen tests), you’re off site until the second test is done, and if that comes back positive, you have to forego playing the event.

“There’ll also be reporting of symptoms. We’ve done a lot of work with our Covid safety plan leading up to the event.”

That includes the style of seating around the course.

“We’ve worked with government, and we’ve worked with this fantastic venue, Royal Queensland, so we feel we’re in a very good position,” Kirkman said.

“We’re an outdoor event, we’re really safe. We’ve built stands that aren’t enclosed.

“With everything we’ve built, we’ve been very mindful to make sure people aren’t in an enclosed area.”

Kirkman admitted there had been concerns with the rising number of Covid-19 cases around Australia.

“But we were still very committed to putting on an event for the fans, but also a playing opportunity for our players that were starved of playing professional tournament golf at this level,” he said.

“With the creation of the WPGA championship to work with the Australian PGA championship, it’s going to be a fantastic week for Australian golf.”

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