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Planets align: West Australians treated to rare astronomical event

West Australians who looked skywards on Monday night were treated to a rare, spectacular sight — the planets aligning in what was described as a once-in-a-life-time event.

The moon, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter could be clearly seen across the State in perfect alignment.

After 8pm, the rare event became visible to the naked eye from all across WA.

People from Burns Beach to Kalamunda, all the way up to Karratha, took to social media to share their photos of the rare astronomical event — which you didn’t need a telescope for.

One Karratha resident captured the out-of-this world event (above).

The moon is the the biggest and brightest object at the bottom of the line, with planet Venus lining up behind it.

The small, fading planet next in the alignment was Saturn, followed by Jupiter.

Perth Observatory said it was best to go out after sunset and look west to capture the moment.

They said on Facebook if you missed tonight’s spectacular show, there will be another chance Friday when the moon moves to the other side of the planets.

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