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Photos could help nab fugitive Vic killer

New photos could hold the key to catching a convicted killer, who has spent more than nine years on the run after skipping court in Melbourne.

Graham Gene Potter, 61, has been hiding from authorities after failing to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court in February 2010 on conspiracy to murder charges.

He was spotted by police at Tully, in North Queensland, in August 2010 but escaped.

Images of his Queensland bush camp have been released by police more than nine years on, in the hopes of catching the fugitive.

They show knives as well as handwritten notes about surviving while on the run and threatening to kill anyone who recognises him.

Potter was allegedly hired in 2008 to kill a man at the wedding of the son of Melbourne underworld figure Mick Gatto.

He also faces charges over a $440 million ecstasy and cocaine haul the same year.

Potter served 15 years in jail for the 1981 mutilation and murder of NSW woman Kim Barry.

He is known to use disguises, such as wigs and fat suits, and there have been several unconfirmed sightings over the years.

Newspaper job ads were also found at the fugitive’s Queensland camp site and police warn he may be looking for manual labour work in rural areas.

“The (camp) notes in particular show that (he is) committed to blending in,” Detective Leading Senior Constable Brendan Finn said on Monday.

Potter is known to live in caravans parks or rental homes and also has a history of befriending women.

An elderly widow previously took him in as a lodger but when the woman’s friend recognised and confronted Potter, he threatened her.

“This is not a man you want as a friend,” Det Finn said.

“This is someone who has a history of incredibly significant violence, including the murder of a woman in NSW, and there’s nothing to indicate that he won’t act with violence again.”

Potter is described as Caucasian in appearance, 175cm tall, with a medium-to-solid build, fair complexion, brown eyes, greying hair and a ginger beard.

He has previously gone by the names Josh Lawson, John Page, Jim Henderson and Peter Adams.

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