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Photo finish – Blake Proud

Representing Western Australia on season 10 of My Kitchen Rules, Blake Proud still loves to cook up a storm and now spends his time on set filming TV commercials, modelling and hosting events.

Blake Proud shows Rhys Prka a few of his favourite things.

Mannequin legs.
Camera IconMannequin legs. Credit: Supplied.

Mannequin legs

I got these as a joke for some filming but upon inspection they are by Adel Rootstein, a famous mannequin designer. I got them from an op shop in Fremantle for $10, but they have become a centrepiece and are priceless to me.

Coach cologne.
Camera IconCoach cologne. Credit: Supplied.

Coach cologne

I have a huge range of fragrances and this is my current one. I have a lot of face-to-face appointments and first impressions count. Smelling good is as important as looking good.

Foam roller.
Camera IconFoam roller. Credit: Supplied.

Foam roller

I have had both knees reconstructed and many other injuries. Although fully recovered now, I train very hard and this is always within reach for me. It keeps a handle on all my aches, pains and tight muscles and moving freely.

Duffle bag
Camera IconDuffle bag Credit: Supplied.

Duffle bag

I travel a lot to the east coast and, because of my day job in Perth, sometimes I go to Sydney and back on the same day. This fits everything I need and counts as carry-on luggage

B hats.
Camera IconB hats. Credit: Supplied.

B hats

They have become a part of my identity and I have about 15 different colours for most of my outfits. I commonly only rotate through about three or four and have a separate brand new set in a sealed hat carrier I use specifically for filming.

Salt lamp, crystals, singing bowl and incense.
Camera IconSalt lamp, crystals, singing bowl and incense. Credit: Supplied.

Salt lamp, crystals, singing bowl and incense

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. Incense, my singing bowl and my crystals help me with my meditations, keeping in tune with the universe and positive flow of energy. I had my quartz crystals in my pocket the entire time I was filming My Kitchen Rules.

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