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Philippines trick-or-treater ahead of the rest in Halloween scares

A little trick-or-treater from the Philippines has taken the internet by storm after dressing up in what is likely to be the best costume you’ve ever seen.

And whether you love or hate the spooky annual celebrations – it’s hard not to admire her brilliant headless get up.

Maya, who lives in South Bay Village in the South East Asian archipelago, is quickly gathering a fan base for her amazing costume, after her proud mother uploaded footage of her and her sister on Instagram.

Krystel Hwang posted vision of her daughter Maya hitting the streets in a bid to load up on lollies, in the terrifying costume, which looks like her head has been decapitated and is now being served on a plate.

Joining her was her equally scary sister, dressed as a serial killing butcher.

Brilliantly, in one of the videos she posted a woman can be seen handing out lollies to the pair – dropping the goodies into what can only be described as Maya’s headless neck hole.

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