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Pharmacists warn of ‘really dangerous’ cough mixture trend known as robotripping

Medicos are increasingly concerned by the number of people abusing cough medicines.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia WA Branch President Andrew Ngeow said the potentially deadly trend – known as robotripping – was a “really dangerous practice.”

“Quite simply its the use of cough mixture in higher than normal doses…and its being used to give a physical or mental high,” Dr Ngeow told West Live host Ben O’Shea.

“Local medicines used well are life saving and can help people immensely.

“But used incorrectly…its incredibly dangerous and this is an incredibly dangerous practice.

“Mixed with alcohol and mixed with other substances, it has all sorts of effects.”

Dr Ngeow said he could not comment directly on the origin or prevalence of robotripping in WA.

“But certainly…it is something as pharmacies (sic) we do see in our stores,” he said.

Dr Ngeow said people should expect pharmacists to be more stringent when dispensing and prescribing such products.

“When the pharmacist has a conversation with the patient around what they need it for they then have to determine whether it is being used for the right purposes,” he said.

“It would be expected that the pharmacist would refuse sale if there is a belief they are using it for things like robo tripping.”

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