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Perth’s Mia Challis heads home after production stops on Netflix series Clickbait

Mia Challis is on the cusp of global fame but she’s relegated to her parents’ couch.

The 22-year-old is set to appear in Netflix’s upcoming Aussie drama series Clickbait.

But not even two episodes into production and Challis was forced to retreat home to Perth.

“I flew back to (Australia) to film Clickbait, and when I got to Melbourne, production was pretty much paused indefinitely,” Challis, told AAA.

“My plan was honestly just to film Clickbait and head straight back to LA, but booking this job has kind of made things go a little bit easier, knowing I have something waiting.”

The series is set to blast Challis’ face across the world, a career move that will be closely followed by her first major US movie lead. “Netflix is the biggest streaming service in the world … to be part of a cast like that is humbling,” she said.

The star power involved in the eight-episode thriller is certainly humbling, as Challis brushes shoulders with the likes of Entourage’s Adrian Grenier and Get Out’s Betty Gabriel.

But while Challis is so close to “making it”, she’s not letting the success go to her head.

She remains strongly grounded, saying her upbringing on the west coast gave her a “strong sense of self”.

“I’m not too worried about people’s perceptions,” she said.

“I have good friends and people around. If I’m having a low point in LA, I’ve got this home base that’s always going to be there.”

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