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Perth climate: City shivers through early morning cold snap after storms clear

Perth has shivered through an early morning cold snap that had people scraping the frost off their windscreens.

But while it might have felt like it, Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Jessica Lingard said it wasn’t the coldest day of the year.

The city reached a frosty 3.2C at 5.45am on Thursday, but had passed that mark on a couple of occasions already this year — recording 2.5C on July 3, 3.1C on June 4 and 3.7C on August 11.

“We’ve just come out of a couple of days where the minimum temperatures were really quite warm. . .we had those northerly winds which helped keep things warm,” she said.

“So today’s very chilly temperature was almost a little bit of a shock. What makes it so cold is that we had all that cloud cover with all the showers, and cloud overnight acts like a bit of a doona keeping the surface warm. So, when we don’t have cloud cover the temperature just plummets out and then we’ve had really light winds.

“I had frost on my windscreen as I drove to work this morning, it was noticeably cold. It has dropped this low recently but it does feel significantly different to the last couple of mornings.”

It made a sharp change from the hail, wind and blustery winds brought on by wild storms at the beginning of the week.

Ms Lingard said Perth had received just over 30mm of rain in the past three days.

“We are sitting really well for our average rainfall a good 30, almost 50mm above average for August and we have probably only got about 10mm until we reach our winter average as well.

“We are into a bit of a dry patch for the next week or so but hopefully we can pick up a bit of rain towards the end of the month to nudge us over that line.

“The farmers are all very, very happy. The farmers in the southern parts of the agricultural region are a bit water-logged, they would be happy for some drier days but the farmers in the northern areas of the agricultural region have been loving all this rain.

“It’s been a wet August, I think everyone is ready for those hints of spring to head our way.”

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