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Perth truck drivers in chilling brush with death in Wattleup

There’s a desperate plea for action, after two trucks had a terrifying close call in Perth’s south.

This chilling brush with death between two truck drivers played out on Wattleup Road, Wattleup yesterday afternoon and is just the latest in a string of crashes on the stretch of tarmac.

In vision obtained by 7NEWS, one truck turns right into the path of another prime mover.

The oncoming driver’s brakes lock up and he just manages to swerve.

One driver had to be cut from his truck and was taken to hospital with suspected spinal injuries.

Not everyone has escaped a wreck on Wattelup Road so lightly.

In 2015 a truck driver died after courageously and intentionally rolling his truck to avoid hitting a couple in their 80s.

They had pulled out in front of the 61-year-old near the Moylan Road intersection.

There was also a high speed roll over in 2016, where a car flipped multiple times.

Locals have called for action fearing more people could be hurt, or worse.

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