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Perth singer Queency enters new era with upcoming EP

He’s got sass, soul, and style and for fans of Perth R&b singer Queency, a new era of music has begun.

The French native from Reunion Island released his latest music video, Too Late, on Tuesday night after a long wait due to the coronavirus pandemic putting his upcoming EP on hold.

“I wanted to get out music for the entire year but since COVID happened like everything kind of like got uncertain and it kind of like extended the recording process. It took me quite a long time to get to where I am now,” he told AAA.

Queency describes his new music as the same old school R&B vibe that he performs live.

“I’m more of a performer, I haven’t really invested in myself in terms of going into the studio and recording the songs, so this EP was about delivering that old-school soul and R&B vibe that I usually perform,” he said.

The 31-year-old also revealed he will be teaming up with Dominic Pearce, who has worked with Eskimo Joe, on his next single, Purple Diamonds.

Queency said his next music video would be more on the pop side.

“I guess what’s to be looking out for next year is something a bit different and unexpected from a Perth artist. I’m really going down that modern pop with ’80s influence, and I want a big bright colourful video with plenty of dancers and I want to bring that on stage as well bring the dance element and choreographed element on stage as well in the next year.”

His EP will come out early in the New Year.

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