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Perth Glory women’s side take extra precautions to avoid more COVID-19 disruption on A-League road trip

Perth Glory women’s side is taking extra precautions to prevent another COVID-19 outbreak disrupting preparations for Sunday’s A-League clash with Western Sydney Wanderers.

They were hurt last week when three players and staff members, including coach Alex Epakis, were quarantined.

They are out of isolation but the squad is still missing three key strikers Susan Phonsongkham, Cyera Hintzen and Demi Koulizaki.

Epakis will be back on the sideline after coaching from his living room.

“The players have been really good in making sure they are following the guidelines and being extra cautious,” Epakis said.

“We haven’t come all the way over here to get COVID and miss games.

“The players understand the significance of what they are trying to do, stay safe and healthy, because we don’t want to be missing players.”

The Wanderers game will be the fifth of their seven-game road trip.

“We are at the middle of the season and we’re one point out of the top four,” Epakis said..

“If we finish strong and we’re still in a healthy position that will help us.”

The side has gone four games without a win, two draws and two losses.

But Danish midfielder Mie Leth Jans said they had “reconnected” in the 1-1 draw with Newcastle Jets, after the four goal thumping by Sydney.

“We recovered pretty well, better than expected,” Leth Jans, who has 26 international appearances, said.

“We’ve had opportunities to look over what we want to do better.

“We have reconnected as a group.

“The last game was more a picture of who we are and how we want to play.”

Leth Jans, who played for Manchester City and spent the last three years with top Swiss club Rosengard, said it had been an easy switch to Glory.

Mie Leth Jans in Manchester City kit
Camera IconMie Leth Jans in a Manchester City kit. Credit: Perth Glory/Supplied

“I’ve known from the start what’s expected of me. Alex and I had good conversations before I got here,” she said.

“What I wanted to bring to the group, what I wanted to get out of it, was pretty clear from the start.

“I feel like I’ve gained a lot from being here with the group.

“I feel I’ve contributed as well.

“I’m feeling comfortable in the way of playing and the style.”

Leth Jans described the A-League as “go football” — play moving from end to end with sides not prepared to sit back even when ahead.

“It’s a lot of transition game,” she said.

“It’s intense as well. It’s different what the referees allow.

“Here they allow a bit more pressure in tackles. Back home (there’s) more protection going into tackles.”

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