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Perth girl loses ‘the best dad’ to tragic workplace accident at Red Hill quarry

A Beechboro girl is about to spend her 13th birthday without her father after he was killed in a workplace accident at Red Hill quarry.

And it could be years until his family get answers as to how the experienced truck diver plunged to his death.

The reason Andrew Herd woke up and went to work everyday was for his only daughter, Maddie.

Home videos, recorded regularly by Maddie, give you an idea of the special, fun bond she shared with her father.

But on Thursday last week Mr Herd didn’t make it back to his family.

Adding further to the family’s heartbreak is that it’s Maddie’s 13th birthday tomorrow.

“You know to be told at the age of 12 that your dad’s not here anymore (is) really hard,” Mr Herd’s sister, Kate-Marie Herd, told 7NEWS.

Mr Herd plunged to his death in a work place accident at Red Hill quarry.

He was 44.

“I can still see this man put bows and ribbons in this little girl’s hair. He was the best dad,” Mr Herd’s mum, Pauline Black, said.

He was also a loving, selfless brother, son and mate.

“He would do anything for anyone,” Ms Black said.

“The Herd family still don’t know exactly what happened that day at the quarry and might not for years, until a coronial investigation is over.

Although they want answers they say nothing will ever bring back Maddie’s Dad.

The single father gave up FIFO work to be closer to his daughter.

Now he’s gone, his family have a birthday wish.

“We’d appreciate any contributions for Maddie’s future,” Ms Black said.

Despite the sorrow, the family says they’ll try to celebrate Maddie’s 13th birthday because that’s what her Dad would have wanted.

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