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Perth couple find bird using their underwear for nest

They may not be budgie smugglers — but one little bird has picked this pair of jocks as the perfect cradle for its eggs.

Uta and Robert Fielding were “gobsmacked” when they discovered a grey honeyeater nesting in the crotch of a pair of well-worn blue undies hanging on their clothesline two weeks ago.

“You could have blown me over with a feather,” Mr Fielding, of Ballajura, said.

“I thought it was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

“I’ve never heard of birds nesting in underwear before — never mind my old jocks.”

Mrs Fielding had been busy running her cafe in Landsdale and had left the washing on the line for three days before her husband offered to help and found the nest.

The nesting grey honey eater.The nesting grey honey eater.
Camera IconThe nesting grey honey eater.Picture: Ross Swanborough

“I know we have a pretty amazing little garden, but in his jocks — I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Mrs Fielding said the briefs were the only pair of that style hanging out to dry — Mr Fielding prefers boxer shorts — and guessed the bird may have been attracted to them because “they were a little bit open, like a little invitation”.

“Maybe it was because of all the other washing hanging up, they felt really secure,” she said. Two eggs are snug inside, with hatchlings expected to appear within days.

Mr Fielding said his jocks won’t be getting another wear. “I should not have been using them in the first place, they are so old,” he said.

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