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Scorning sexual harassers isn’t the new McCarthyism

Alex Brandon, Associated Press file Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn. As the wave of allegations of sexual abuse by powerful men refuses to abate, skeptics keep raising the same questions. As a sometime writer on ethics in everyday life, I’d like to offer answers to several of them: 1. Are we …

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Russia brands nine media outlets ‘international brokers’

Russia has branded nine media organisations “foreign agents”, in an escalation of a long-running battle with the US over state-funded media organisations. The decision listed Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, both funded by the US government, on a register of media “performing the functions of a foreign agent”. …

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European Union blacklists 17 tax havens

The European Union has adopted a “blacklist” of 17 tax havens, which could mean they lose access to EU funds and face other sanctions. The decision was made at a meeting of finance ministers in Brussels as EU authorities move to counter tax avoidance and evasion – having urged dozens …

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