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Outgoing senator swipes at PM in speech

Outgoing Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells has laid into Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a fiery late-night parliamentary speech.

The senator, who lost preselection for her NSW upper house seat, attacked Mr Morrison for being “ruthless” and “not fit to be prime minister” during a speech on Tuesday, night hours after the federal budget was revealed.

“He is adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience,” she told the Senate.

“In my public life, I have met ruthless people. Morrison tops the list followed closely by (Immigration Minister Alex) Hawke. Morrison is not fit to be prime minister, and Hawke is certainly is not fit to be a minister.”

Senator Fierravanti-Wells also labelled Mr Morrison an “autocrat”, adding that other members of the Liberal Party shared a similar view.

“They have lost faith in the party, they want to leave. They don’t like Morrison and they don’t trust him,” she said.

“They continue to despair at our prospects at the next federal election, and they blame Morrison for this.

“Morrison is not interested in the rules-based order. It is his way or the highway, an autocrat, a bully who has no moral compass.”

The comments come after Senator Fierravanti-Wells was relegated to an unwinnable spot on the Liberals’ NSW Senate ticket.

In the wake of preselection issues, the senator outlined claims she had previously been bullied by members of her own party.

In Tuesday night’s speech, she also accused the prime minister of making racist comments during his preselection in 2007.

“I’m advised that there are several statutory declarations to attest to racial comments made by Morrison at the time that we can’t have a Lebanese person in court,” she said.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells said Mr Morrison and Mr Hawke had deliberately contrived a crisis in the NSW branch of the Liberal party for a year so they could have their own candidates installed.

“There is a putrid stench of corruption emanating from the NSW division of the Liberal party,” she said.

“I am appalled (party president Philip Ruddock) has allowed Morrison to bully his way to a situation where the next election has been put at risk all to save Hawke’s career.”

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