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Opinion | What’s the Matter With Arizona?

In The Washington Post, Dana Milbank marveled at the possibility that Ivana Trump’s burial at her ex-husband’s golf course was part of recasting it as a cemetery and avoiding taxes that way: “In his forced (and, he hopes, temporary) retirement, defeated former president Donald Trump has come up with a new undertaking. He’s undertaking.” (James Franklin, Durham, N.C., and Emily Hawthorn, San Antonio, among others)

In The Times, Jason Zinoman wondered at the prevalence and variety of water bottles that comedians take onstage with them: “Their purpose seems obvious — to quench thirst, duh — but stage actors get dry mouths, and no Hamlet puts down his sword to pick up an Evian.” (Mark Silverstone, Stavanger, Norway)

John McWhorter celebrated the evolution of English. “We all know language inevitably changes; it’s the way we got from Latin to French or from Beowulf to Tom Wolfe,” he wrote, later adding: “How we use English in its Sunday best is one thing, and we should all have our linguistic tuxes at the ready. But in terms of English in a T-shirt and jeans, we should listen to it as unbiased spectators.” (Lani Jacobson, Herndon, Va., and Karen McCabe, Mt. Vernon, N.Y., among others)

And Wesley Morris swooned for Beyoncé’s vocal performance on “Renaissance,” her new album: “She coos, she growls, she snarls, she doubles and triples herself. Butter, mustard, foie gras, the perfect ratio of icing to cupcake.” (Don Johnsen, Phoenix, and Karyn Bergmann Marsh, Baltimore)

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