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Opinion | ‘Trump’s People Don’t Act Like That’: How Republican Voters See Jan. 6

“So I want to think about this. If our democracy was a patient who was at the doctor or at the hospital, how would you characterize the health of our democracy — healthy, fair, poor, critical condition? I want to get a show of hands, how many of you think our democracy is mostly healthy? How many of you would say — Sandy, tell me why you say ‘mostly healthy’?” “I think it’s just a matter of, you got something wrong with your head. You know, quit being such a wuss. Because you got hit in the playground with a ball in the head or something like that, what, shake it off. Things happen in life. That’s just my opinion.” “So in your view, democracy is not —” “Quit being a wuss.” “OK. How many of you would say you think ‘fair condition’ might be a better way to describe it? Any hands for fair condition? Barney, and then Jill?” “It’s between fair and healthy. It depends on who you’re talking to and what they want to get done. You can make a lot of things happen with a pencil if you have the right influence and the right amount of cash. A lot of things can happen.” “Is that good or bad for democracy?” “I don’t think it’s good, but the way our country was set up is not like it is today. Because we’ve gone way, way away from that.” “In what ways have we gone away from it, in your view?” “Well, like you were talking earlier, about missing votes. That never happened before. And politicians that are — how can I say this? They’re too sensitive. I mean, a lot of times, you have to say no, you know?” “Jill, you also put your hand up for ‘fair’ as how you would rate the condition of our democracy. Tell me a little bit about that.” “I think that the basic theme is still there. I think people are still good, whether Republican or Democrat, and they’re still looking to work towards the good. They want to make things better.” “How many of you would say you think our democracy is in poor condition? Gayle, then Matt, then Josh. And then Lorna. So the rest of you — so nobody’s in — does anybody say ‘critical condition’?” “No, I mean, this is the United States.” “So Gayle, go for it.” “Yeah, I mean, we’re not in a third-world country here, right? We still have rules and laws that we have to abide by. However, we do have freedom of speech — although sometimes I don’t know about that anymore.” “So far.” “What’s that?” “So far.” “So far. Who knows? And that’s kind of the reason I say, poor, because I see things that are changing. I mean, if you really want to get into it, it’s more about the mandates, and the lockdowns, and this, and that, and these requirements that the federal government is now making us do, as opposed to giving more of that freedom back to the people, or to the states. And I just — to me, that’s not what democracy — democracy was based on ruling by having people make decisions, or having the constituents make decisions for people. But it’s not about the federal government taking over, controlling everything. And that’s what’s happening. It’s becoming a much more controlled government, and we are having to abide by these rules. And that’s why you see a lot of people now leaving their jobs — because they don’t want to get the vaccine, and yet, they’re mandated to do it. So it’s a problem. I’m very happy and very fortunate to be living in Florida, by the way, because I didn’t go through a lot of these mandates and lockdowns that were required. And thank goodness for that, because a lot of people say we’re heading into a socialist country. And that’s what they’re intending to do.” “Matt?” “Yeah.” “Matt, tell me a little bit. You would rate our democracy as ‘poor.’ Tell me why?” “I’m not sure about that. I mean, I’m going to piggyback on what Arnie said about too much money in politics, outside influence. He said, this isn’t the way our country was founded. He’s right. We used to have businessmen, farmers, you know, who would go represent us and go back home to their real job in order to get paid. Now, we have people whose job is to be a professional politician, but politician shouldn’t really be a career. It should be a platform to help your constituents get what they need, and then go back to what your real job is and go make your money over there. You shouldn’t be getting rich while you’re sitting in Washington representing me, my family, and my community, especially if things are not getting better.” “Judi, why do you say our democracy is in poor shape? I know earlier on, you said you were worried, would we have elections in the future? Which, to me, that sounds pretty critically ill. So tell me why you said ‘poor.’” “Yeah, I was going to go critical, but no one else — well, I might be the only one. But I’ll say critical, because it’s just, our democracy is going downhill. Our rights are being taken away. We’re having less and less say on our freedom of choice, freedom of speech. And it’s just it’s just getting too crazy. It’s we want — we’re just turning into a third world country, a Communist country.” “Joshua?” “Socialist country, which is — take your pick.” “Joshua, tell me a little bit about why you would say our democracy is in poor shape.” “Yes, I would say that the government looks for events like Covid-19 as ways to usher in the New World Order and just have everything be more socialist. Like losing our privacy after 9/11, like more spying, have things turn more electronic. So it’s very easy to hack into these things. It’ll only take a few minutes. But we can be prevented from going different places if we don’t have the vaccine or different health treatments. So I don’t know, so if we don’t do different things, say certain things.” “Lorna, how about you? Why would you say our democracy is in poor shape?” “Mainly the Democrats. I mean, over in St. Louis County, the guy in charge is Democrat. He’s talking about the lockdown again. You know, and that’s just hurting businesses. Places are going out of business. Restaurants can’t get people to work for them. A lot of places are closing. And it’s a lot of [inaudible] want to get their shots, you know?”

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