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Opinion | These Were the Worst Predictions About 2021

Kim Juckes, a macroeconomic strategist for Société Générale in London, said that on Bloomberg TV on Nov. 9, 2020, when the Federal Reserve’s broad, inflation-adjusted index of the dollar was at 106.1. This November it was at 109.3. That’s steady strengthening, not steady weakening.

6. “We studied a range of potential risks under both normal and extreme conditions, and believe there is sufficient generation to adequately serve our customers.”

Pete Warnken, the manager of resource advocacy for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, said that in a statement released on Nov. 5, 2020. Three months later, power failures caused by Winter Storm Uri plunged millions of Texans into blackouts.

7. “I mean, this is a company trading at half-a-trillion-dollar market cap. It’ll have revenue this year of $30 billion, and despite what everyone says they’re still an automobile company.”

The investor James Chanos said that about Tesla in an interview by Bloomberg TV that was broadcast on Dec. 3, 2020. His point seemed to be that the market value of Tesla was bound to fall because it was too high in comparison to its revenue. Since then, Tesla shares have gone from under $600 apiece to over $1,000, and the market cap is over $1 trillion. This past year Tesla sales rose an estimated 64 percent, while earnings per share jumped an estimated 169 percent. Chanos did get one thing right: Tesla is still (mostly) an automobile company.

8. “N.Y.C. is dead forever. Here’s why.”

That’s what James Altucher, a blogger and podcaster, wrote in a post on LinkedIn on Aug. 13, 2020. People who fled the city because of Covid-19 would not come back, he said. “Not this time.” In a New York Times essay, the comedian Jerry Seinfeld responded indignantly to what he called “some putz on LinkedIn.” The next month Altucher spun his message in a video, saying, “Let’s focus on solutions because the faster we do that, the faster forever ends.” He thus redefined death as a temporary condition and forever as a period of time that is potentially quite brief. For the record: New York City is still hurting but far from dead.

9. “Taking a drone and flying it on Mars might be a cool sounding idea, but scientifically it’s almost a non-starter concept.”

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