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Opinion | There Is Too Much Happening

Bret: With Trump, the relevant movie references have to be either really dark or really absurd. When his administration isn’t the Russian roulette scene in “The Deer Hunter,” it’s the Stonehenge scene in “This Is Spinal Tap.”

Gail: By the way, I’m so sorry there’s not going to be a regular Halloween this year. I love the costumes. In my neighborhood I’ll bet we’d have seen at least one little Ruth Bader Ginsburg wearing a halo.

Bret: If some kid knocks on my door dressed as Swearing Melania, she’ll get all the candy.

Gail: Speaking of the Supreme Court, any predictions on the Amy Coney Barrett nomination? I presume Mitch McConnell will hold a vote even if he has to wheel in his members in oxygen tents.

Bret: Since McConnell has broken all his own rules when it comes to this nomination, I assume he’s not above breaking Senate rules as well. I can picture coronavirus-positive Republican senators like Utah’s Mike Lee and North Carolina’s Thom Tillis arriving for the Judiciary Committee hearings in hazmat suits. What I’m less sure of is whether Democrats can use the quorum-call rule, which requires that at least 50 Senators have to be present for the chamber to conduct its business, to block a final vote. Those Republicans would have to be so physically incapacitated that it couldn’t happen. Then again, you probably remember the time when Pete Wilson, then a senator representing California, arrived in the chamber from a hospital bed, in bathrobe and pajamas, to vote aye on Reagan’s 1986 budget.

Gail: When Congress voted for women’s suffrage 100 years ago, one congressman, Henry Barnhart of Indiana, had himself carried in on a stretcher to vote yes. Just wanted to add a more progressive cause to the list of things that can get a politician out of a sickbed.

Sorry, back to Mitch McConnell and the Supreme Court …

Bret: I still think Barrett’s going to get a vote and get on the court. Meantime — there’s no use not asking the question — what do you think might happen if the president moves toward, um, a separate plane of existence?

Gail: Well, if the moving happened real soon, Mike Pence would just become president.

Bret: OK, now I am rooting extra hard for the president to pull through this, Gail.

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