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Opinion | The Villages in Florida: Shangri-La or Shameful?

If Ms. Cottle wants to be consumed by problems such as “crime, inequality, homelessness, climate change, racial strife, the high cost of child care and college,” I won’t stand in her way. But she shouldn’t judge the Villagers for their envious decision to move to Shangri-La.

David Tulanian
Henderson, Nev.

To the Editor:

As an older white person myself, I was ashamed to read the article about the Villages in Central Florida. How is it that so many of us are turning to places like this, a community of old white people zipping about in golf carts and insulated from the world’s problems?

The Villages is located about 50 miles from Sanford, Fla., where Trayvon Martin was killed in a gated enclave. Brenda, quoted at the end of the article, says that the Villages “feels safe,” because “anyone here who doesn’t belong stands out.” Trayvon’s death is a testament to that chilling statement.

Betsy Newman
Columbia, S.C.

To the Editor:

Michelle Cottle’s opinion piece is a good example of an extreme put-down of seniors and, of course, Donald Trump. It is cleverly disguised as a review of life in America’s largest senior community. However, the underlying theme is to highlight these seniors as wrongfully out of touch with the rest of the world.

Many liberals have told me that Mr. Trump has caused everyone to become nasty and disrespectful of one another. I tell them that the fault lies within themselves, not Mr. Trump. A single person or leader doesn’t “make people” display a particular personality or “make them” act a certain way or do anything out of character.

The goal of Trump haters is to keep the hatred going. One of the ways that this is being done is to publish criticisms of whole communities like the Villages. I don’t live in the Villages, but I think that many communities have a preponderance of a certain political slant, and so what?

I wonder if Ms. Cottle ever considered doing a criticism of the divisiveness of people in cities, neighborhoods or communities that overwhelmingly have liberal views? Probably not, since that may not provide an ideal opportunity to inject Trump hatred, as well as degrade an entire group of people as self-absorbed and out of touch.

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