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Opinion | Some Republicans Are Abandoning the Trump Ship

To the Editor:

Re “Fearing a Rout on Capitol Hill, Republicans Start to Break Ranks With the President” (news article, Oct. 17):

In a pathetic display of leaping off a sinking ship, some Republican senators are finding their dissenting voice. With the election near, the realization that their seat may be in danger has caused them to speak out in rebellion against their leader.

They are trying to save themselves and have shown their real two-faced approach to President Trump. After looking aside and winking at his mind-boggling tweets, statements, policies, lies and devastating failure to exhibit leadership in the face of Covid-19, they have “found religion.”

Too little, too late.

Harvey Glassman
Boynton Beach, Fla.

To the Editor:

I’m sorry, but talk is cheap. What counts is the action one takes when confronted with an ethical choice. Virtually all these senators have voted to support President Trump throughout his corrupt, cruel and demeaning presidency. Only one, Senator Mitt Romney, showed the “courage” to convict Mr. Trump after he was impeached. Other Republicans have criticized the president only when they have decided to leave the administration or, in the case of elected officials, chosen not to run for re-election.

History will not be kind to these sycophants and enablers. In the meantime, the G.O.P. deserves the shellacking it is likely to face on Nov. 3.

Amy S. Rich
Orange, Conn.

To the Editor:

Often when I discuss the political situation with my Republican friends, their response to my criticism of President Trump is to admit that he has many faults, but that his policies are aligned with their conservative values. They point to his tax cuts, his reduction of anti-business regulations, his support of the military, his success in changing the courts and, of course, “the economy.”

But do they really support his other policies and actions? Do they applaud his trying to eliminate Obamacare, his gutting regulations that protect our environment, his withdrawing from our global relationships related to climate change, health and weapons reduction? Do they really admire him for building up our deficit to record levels, for his relentless fight to scrap DACA, for his bizarre relationships with North Korean, Turkish and Russian strongmen, not to mention the white supremacy crowd?

Do they like his cabinet member choices, his decisions about whom to pardon or commute their sentences? Do they really think he has done a great — or even an OK — job managing the pandemic? How about his constant efforts to restrict voting?

Bottom line: Will my Republican friends actually vote for Mr. Trump to lead this nation for another four years? I hope not.

Harding Bancroft Jr.
Sharon, Conn.

To the Editor:

Re “Meet a Secret Trump Voter” (column, Sept. 29):

Bret Stephens introduces us to Chris, whom he presents as a surprising Trump voter because she is an educated gay woman from Manhattan who is not a lifelong Republican. What his profile reveals of her, though, is that she cares very much about her retirement account, she is suspicious of the media, and she doesn’t like the homeless people living near her.

I saw no evidence that she gives any thought to the suffering that Donald Trump and his administration have inflicted on this country. She seems to me like a perfectly natural supporter of this president.

Barth Landor

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