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Opinion | Republican Convention: Best and Worst Moments From Night 2

Peter Wehner Night 2 better than Night 1. The speakers were generally less agitated and certainly less loud. Still, hardly any one landed a blow against Biden; that’s a problem since Trump is trailing. Trump didn’t win many, if any, votes he didn’t already have. Oh, and the effort by speakers to humanize Trump won’t work because he’s fundamentally indecent and will prove so again within a matter of days (or hours).

Will Wilkinson Lies. So many lies. Lies, lies, lies. Lies about Democrats. Lies about Joe Biden. Lies about cities. Lies about the coronavirus epidemic. Lies about the economy. If Trump’s Republican Party has a platform, it’s contempt for the truth in the service of undeserved power. This is basically what Tiffany Trump said about Democrats. It’s funny to speak the truth about yourself in the guise of an accusation aimed at rivals.

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