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Opinion | Police Officers from Around the World React to U.S. Law Enforcement

American law enforcement is facing an intense — and long-overdue — public reckoning.

Legions of citizens have taken to the streets to protest police brutality and impunity and to memorialize the Black Americans brutalized or killed by law enforcement officers — the victims’ names a mantra of anger over racism in American policing: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor Laquan McDonald, Eric Garner, Michael Brown …. The list is long and aching.

There have been pleas for more accountability and restrictions on the use of military-style equipment and calls for the defunding — and even the abolishment — of entire police departments.

With law enforcement in the United States undergoing a period of intense scrutiny and deep self-examination, we were wondering how American policing looked from abroad, in the eyes of law-enforcement professionals around the world.

In the video above, we shared some truths about the American policing system with active and retired police officers from Britain, Canada, Georgia, Germany and Italy, and we recorded their reactions.

How did it go? Well, you might say that American law enforcement didn’t exactly win any fans.

Chai Dingari (@chaidingari) is a producer and editor.
Adam Westbrook is a producer and editor for Opinion Video.
Brendan Miller (@brenkjm) is a filmmaker.

Illustration by The New York Times; photograph by Onfokus via Getty Images

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