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OPINION: Paddock Planner will pay off

During the past few weeks, there has been public discussion about CBH’s crop estimates tool, Paddock Planner.

I would like to thank everyone for their feedback and please be assured, we have heard all the points of views and the CBH board has strongly considered the points raised.

We’ve listened to growers about the current end date and we want to make sure every one of you has an opportunity to submit your estimates via Paddock Planner.

The CBH board has agreed to extend the date to August 1 to submit estimates via Paddock Planner to receive the discount.

We appreciate that it was a late start to the season and has also been a busy time of year, with the end of the financial year and introduction of single-touch payroll.

We know it does take a little longer to complete estimates via Paddock Planner on the initial set up, however, future years are very easy.

The CBH board is making a conscious effort to drive down the costs of your supply chain to keep growers internationally competitive.

As you know we’ve already reduced our fees by $4 a tonne this year.

The next $2 to $5 a tonne, is going to be harder to achieve and to do that we need reliable, real time data for effective planning and harvest operations.

We recognise that change takes time and we want to work with growers to improve your supply chain and ensure you are in the best position to compete against the massive Black Sea crop.

CBH is your co-operative and any financial or service advancement is solely for your benefit. The Paddock Planner provides us with real time information about your crop progress so that we can provide you with the best services possible at harvest, most importantly the right segregations at the right sites.

The benefits to our growers of Paddock Planner include:

Segregations: Paddock Planner provides us with real time information about your crop plans so that we can provide you with the best services possible at harvest, most importantly the right segregations at the right sites.

Sync to CDF app: The reason we ask for paddock level information is because it links to the CDF app to provide you with an easier harvest delivery process as your paddocks will already be pre-filled into the app.

Opening hours and harvest: It also allows us to understand how the harvest is progressing so that we have the right sites staffed and open at the right times. We can also manage services better and know when to make segregation changes. This keeps CBH site services aligned to how the local harvest in unfolding in real time.

For example, we are already seeing an increase in barley being planted in the eastern parts of the Geraldton and Kwinana zones, in areas that had traditionally been majority wheat focused.

By putting your information in Paddock Planner this year, your local zone or area manager can see these patterns earlier and more easily than ever before, giving them the option to start planning how to provide the best services at harvest, including any requirements for additional storage.

This could mean more barley segregations for sites as Morawa or Mullewa.

Having real-time information, earlier in the season, also gives us the opportunity to build emergency storage in areas that will need it.

The earlier we decide on what our storage requirements will be, the more efficient and economical our network builds will be.

This gives us every chance to get it right the first time, improve services and reduce costs.

The Grower Service Centre, area managers and business relationship managers are geared up to support you.

Contact our Grower Service Centre on 1800 199 083 if you need any help.

I trust the remainder of the season goes well for you.

  • Wally Newman is CBH board chairman and a Newdegate farmer

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