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Opinion | Eric Greitens’s Plug for Political Violence Is No Joke

Another camel spin, courtesy of Joanne Kaufman in The Times: “A 50,000-square-foot, brick-and-stone manor built in a quadrangle around a timber-framed hall, Hopwood Hall had seen better centuries.” (Marvin Lange, Manhattan)

To stick with The Times, Sarah Lyall profiled Wasabi, the Pekingese who was awarded best in show by the Westminster Kennel Club last year. “Even when he was a baby himself, just a tiny scrap of sentient fluff, Wasabi seemed destined for great things,” she wrote, adding that Wasabi’s triumph reflected “how closely he adhered to the Pekingese standards, approaching peak Peke.” (Sarah Hurst, St. Louis)

Bret Stephens remembered how high Rudy Giuliani once flew. “His fall from grace has been like a bungee jump minus the bungee,” Bret wrote. (Roderick McDonald, Ann Arbor, Mich., and Susan Gregory, Bala Cynwyd, Penn., among others.) Bret also noted that Trump’s vice president discovered an ability to stand up to him rather late in the game: “Pence was a worm who, for a few hours on Jan. 6, turned into a glowworm.” (Zoë Molver, Durban, South Africa, and Adam Fix, Minneapolis, among many others)

And in a letter to the editor about a possible bipartisan gun safety deal, Michael Curry of Austin, Tex., wrote: “In the moral desert that is the Republican Senate on gun issues, we celebrate a teaspoon of water.” (Norman Ramsey, Malden, Mass., and Jalna Jaeger, Norwalk, Conn.)

To go back to The Atlantic, Caitlin Flanagan had the following aside, in her withering appraisal of Sheryl Sandberg, about Sandberg’s, um, interventionist approach to negative media coverage: “Look, I fully understand that as the result of this article, I’m going to wake up next to a horse’s head, and all I ask is that it not be one of the weeks when I’m using the paisley sheets.” (I lost the email from the reader who wisely nominated this — my sincere apologies!)

In The Washington Post, Dana Milbank responded to Texas Republicans’ expressed interest in possibly being rid of the rest of the nation, a desire Texans have acted on before: “If at first you don’t secede, try, try again. The Texas G.O.P. now wants the state to vote on declaring independence. And the United States should let Texas go! Better yet, let’s offer Texas a severance package that includes Oklahoma to sweeten secession — the Sooner the better.” (Vicki Shaw, Spring Grove, Penn., and Jayce Pankey, Pecos, N.M., among others)

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