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Opinion | Biden’s First 100 Days To-Do List

Day 1. Do a little dance

Day 2. Cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit

Day 3. Deep-clean the bed

Day 4. Enforce that mask mandate on federal property

Day 5. Gloat

Day 6. Extend nationwide restrictions on home evictions and foreclosures

Day 7. Hump day!

Day 8. Launch “Real Joe Biden” Twitter account

Day 9. Tweet once. Forget how you logged in.

Day 10. Make an elaborate egg sandwich. Send a pic to Barack.

Day 11. Dry January ends

Day 12. Go for a run like Bill used to

Day 13. Do the thing with the groundhog

Day 14. Pledge to vaccinate every American

Day 15. Change White House Wi-Fi password to BigJoesHouse

Day 16. Bake the “perfect muffin”

Day 17. Rewatch “The West Wing”

Day 18. Rewatch “The West Wing”

Day 19. Rewatch “The West Wing”

Day 20. Rewatch “The West Wing”

Day 21. Consider Time-Life “Soul of America” box set

Day 22. Join World Health Organization Gold Star Club

Day 23. Organize the medicine cabinet

Day 24. Get the most diverse cabinet in American history confirmed

Day 25. Push to pass the Equality Act, a bill to add protections for L.G.B.T.Q. Americans

Day 26. See what ol’ Dr. Jill is up to

Day 27. Call Barack to see if he liked the muffins

Day 28. Email Twitter about the login issue

Day 29. Leg day with Doug

Day 30. Sign executive order to conserve 30 percent of America’s lands and waters by 2030

Day 31. Let it rip

Days 32-33. Take Jill on a staycation

Day 34: Watch supercut of all “Rocky” training sequences

Day 35. Pledge to shake hands with every American

Day 36. Go for a nice walk

Day 37. Call Barack again to see if he liked the muffins

Day 38. Hygge

Day 39. Sign executive order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

Day 40. Take a nap

Day 41. See what’s happening in the Middle East

Day 42. Cancel Peloton subscription

Day 43. Watch “Bridgerton”

Day 44. Watch “Bridgerton”

Day 45. Watch “Bridgerton”

Day 46. Hey, that’s me!

Day 47. See if Doug wants to have a catch

Day 48. Listen. Really listen.

Day 49. Sign something and hold it up for the cameras

Day 50. Call into “Hannity.” Yell “bababooey.”

Day 51. Write the Great American Novel

Day 52. Are unpardons a thing?

Day 53. Get into birding

Day 54. Ride the train to Scranton just for funsies

Day 55. Walk around asking the Secret Service if they need to use the can

Day 56. Start a puzzle

Day 57. REALLY let it rip

Day 58. Ask Kamala if she wants to take over for a few weeks

Day 59. Zoom lunch with the Paris climate signatories

Day 60. Show Jill the sourdough starter

Day 61. Call Lady Gaga about duet album

Day 62. Legalize it

Day 63. Do 1-min. plank

Day 64. Reverse Trump’s immigration policies

Day 65. Plot “The King’s Gambit”

Day 66. Call Barack again to see if he liked the muffins

Day 67. Give the people what they want

Day 68. Do 100 push-ups. Make Ted watch.

Day 69. Pledge to make direct eye contact with every American

Day 70. Install beer fridge in garage

Day 71. Get to Inbox Zero

Day 72. Allow openly transgender troops to serve in the military again

Day 73. Kiss some babies

Day 74. Ask around if four-year term is mandatory

Day 75. Start a dream journal

Day 76. Bake a galette

Day 77. Trust falls with the Squad

Day 78. Buy the perfect denim jacket

Day 79. Prank call “Ask the Mayor”

Day 80. Do 2-min. plank

Day 81. Feel blessed

Day 82. Buy a harmonica

Day 83. Take a nap

Day 84. Jam session with Doug

Day 85. Fight for partial repeal of the 2017 tax cuts

Day 86. Pledge to tell every American they look nice today

Day 87. Teach Chuck how to throw a tight spiral

Day 88. Face masks with Jilly

Day 89. Turn it up to 11

Day 90. Continue to defer student loan payments

Day 91. Buy doggy sweaters for Major and Champ

Day 92. Game night with Nancy

Day 93. Call Barack. Leave “Hey, this sucks. Call me back” voice mail.

Day 94. Have an inside day

Day 95. Hang collection of Shepard Fairey posters

Day 96. Ask Congress to close gun loopholes

Day 97. Sign another thing and hold it up for the cameras

Day 98. Crack open “A Promised Land”

Day 99. Pardon Hunter

Day 100. Ensure peaceful transition of power to Kamala

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