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Opinion | Biden vs. Trump: ‘Who Won? The Moderator’

Robert Lenoil, Shingle Springs, Calif.: Trump reacted poorly to Biden calling him Abraham Lincoln, not even realizing Biden was mocking him for saying he had done more for Blacks than the president who had ended slavery. Trump, always the name-caller, could not take his own medicine.

Robby O’Neil, Austin, Texas: Biden called the “Proud Boys” the “Poor Boys.” It’s a small slip but he faltered in a moment that could have given him a platform to effectively attack Trump’s support of racists. Biden is losing with young Black voters, and he floundered when he had an opportunity to score some real points.

Richard Johnson, West Lafayette, Ind.: Trump is behaving as though he’s the outsider and Biden is the president. He seemed to be blaming Biden for all the things that have happened during this administration

Patricia Alfieri, Nobleboro, Maine: That Trump said to the moderator, “I like the way you are doing this” and then proceeded to ignore the rules, not restrain his outbursts or answer the questions. To those of us watching, this demonstrated his misogyny and privilege. He thought he could flatter her and then get his way.

Joe McCallister, Bergen County, N.J.: Biden showed his centrist hand. While he might be the Democrats’ best hope of beating Trump, he is no leftist. Trump suggests that Biden is going to be the puppet of a cabal of socialist Democrats, but I think Biden is going to be a lot more moderate than Trump is portraying him.

Andrea N., Italy: Biden was losing patience and getting angered much more than Trump. I was virtually whispering to him: “OK, now, just relax. It’s cool, you’re winning the war.”

Reuel Johnson, South Bend, Ind.: Biden looked at his watch. Oops! Reminiscent of Bush Sr. thinking maybe he can just drain the clock before election. Biden’s long look does not seem to have been as damaging as Bush’s, perhaps because by that time in the “debate” reasonable people were doing the same and crediting him for holding up so well in the face of fact-challenged Trump.

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