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Netherlands warns on ‘ecstasy champagne’

The Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) have issued a warning to German consumers about 3-litre bottles of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial champagne as they could contain MDMA and are potentially deadly.

The NVWA also warned the German consumer protection agency about the presence of MDMA, also known as ecstasy, a potentially fatal toxic drug, on Saturday.

A bottle of this size was found containing the drug rather than champagne in both Germany and the Netherlands.

One person died and seven became seriously ill in Germany while four people were affected in the Netherlands, according to the NVWA.

Both of the bottles were reportedly bought from a website which has not yet been identified, producer Moet Hennessy told the authorities.

Investigators are struggling to assess whether other bottles containing the drug are in circulation, as it remains unclear how the bottles came to contain the drug.

The smallest amounts can cause serious harm, the authorities said.

“Even dipping your fingertip into the liquid and tasting it can cause serious health problems, even if you don’t swallow it.”

People should also not touch, let alone taste, the contents.

“Taking a small sip can be fatal.”

The warning applies to 3-litre bottles of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial in 3-litre with the serial number LAJ7QAB6780004.

Buyers would notice that the liquid does not foam when poured into the glass.

MDMA is reddish-brown in colour and smells of aniseed.

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