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Netflix’s Trivia Quest and The History of Trivia

Netflix’s first foray into the interactive world included the “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” experience, where viewers chose their own ending for the movie. In addition, the company launched an interactive special based off their own show, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Now the company is branching out with Trivia Quest, the name of their new game that is created based off Trivia Crack — a game that had more than 20 million daily active users in 2015. The streaming company licensed Trivia Crack from its parent company etermax.

Andy Weil, Netflix’s vice president of interactive and comedy, said his experiences with bar trivia inspired him to launch the game within Netflix’s portfolio. Between the developers, writers, animators and engineers, between 35-40 people worked together to bring Trivia Quest to life, a spokesman for Netflix told The Times.

“We know that there is constant competition,” Mr. Weil said. “But this is a new experience, particularly for streaming TV.” The daily, interactive trivia quiz will be available to play on all Netflix-supported devices including smart TVs, computer browsers, streaming media players, Android devices, game consoles and Apple devices.

Netflix’s daily trivia games will run through April 2022 and will be available to play on the streaming service after April. A new episode of trivia will launch every day of the month, the Netflix spokesman told The Times. Each episode features 24 questions — 12 standard and 12 hard — from categories that include science, history, entertainment, sports, art and geography. Throughout the game, players will “embark on a mission to rescue the animated citizens of Trivia Land,” the spokesman said. Players can still keep playing if they answer incorrectly, and they will have the opportunity to redo questions and try again. You can play a new episode at the start of each day or find it later and play all of the episodes that have been released up to that date.

Mr. Weil doesn’t expect Trivia Quest to replace in-person trivia at bars, though. “Netflix loves the social experience of in-person trivia,” he said, adding that he can’t wait to start playing more bar trivia with his friends. “We don’t think the two experiences are mutually exclusive.” Mr. Weil hopes bar trivia fans will also be fans of Trivia Quest. “We want people to talk about Trivia Quest with their friends and compete for top scores.”

The streaming service isn’t targeting a specific audience with the release of Trivia Quest. Mr. Weil said that he’s aiming to reach anyone who loves trivia or games.

When it comes to competition, Mr. Weil said that Trivia Quest “shares DNA” with board games, bar trivia and TV game shows, but he feels that Netflix is offering something new. “It puts a spin on one of the most enduring and beloved genres of TV — the quiz show. Instead of being a passive viewer shouting at your TV, you are actively playing and engaging with the show.” He also believes that the narrative element of the game adds a new dimension of trivia.

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