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Murphy’s Law reigns when classics shine

When mucking about with classic cars, one runs foul of Murphy’s Law with monotonous frequency.

In fact, among classic car enthusiasts, Murphy’s Law has actually been widely accepted as a law of physics.

For example, the force of gravity becomes stronger when working above the black hole existing between the cross member and the sump. It’s the Bermuda Triangle for nuts, bolts and small tools.

Murphy’s Law is also a part of medical science where classic cars are concerned.

Evidence of this emerges when you’re working on them and your gorgeously mischievous six-year-old daughter quietly creeps into the car, beeps the horn, makes you graze your forehead on the bonnet stay, skin a knuckle, drop a spanner and raise your heart rate.

Some invective will come out of you, then some blood and then a clarification what you actually said was “Clucking bell!” and “Cheeses diced!”

And you’ll still be dazed and injured with no real progress on the car repairs.

Murphy’s Law is also a branch of the laws of nature because washing a classic car and then driving it causes rain.

Rainwater beads on the paintwork of Alan Herring’s award-winning 1934 MG NA.Rainwater beads on the paintwork of Alan Herring’s award-winning 1934 MG NA.
Camera IconRainwater beads on the paintwork of Alan Herring’s award-winning 1934 MG NA.Picture: Alex Forrest

Where it doesn’t invoke precipitation, washing the car instead works as a laxative for nearby birds.

But on the occasions where one is able to evade the long arm of Murphy’s classic car laws, life is wonderful: engines run like sewing machines, coolant is contained, electricity is generated and vitamin D shines down on you.

All the hardship is suddenly worthwhile.

At last Sunday’s Celebration of the Motorcar event at the Cottesloe Civic Centre, rain did beset the event. Heavy but short showers came in but the sun re-emerged.

In all, 140 of WA’s finest cars were on show. Funds were raised for the Wheels for Hope Charity, enthusiasts mingled and the cars dried out with no harm done.

If you didn’t make it, try to get there next year. Extraordinary cars on the lawns with the Indian Ocean as a backdrop are hard to beat.

Especially if you bring some drinks, crackers and cheeses, diced.



MX-5 Club of WA. Monthly drive to Chequers Hotel, Bullsbrook. See mx5club.com.au or phone 0412 928 275.

December 8

Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride. Depart 9.30am from Sir Ross McLarty Oval, Pinjarra. $5 per person. Phone 0413 513 049 or 0413 301 441.

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