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Mum breaks down in court over swim teacher’s alleged sexual touching

A mother has broken down in tears in court as she recalled the moment her daughter told her she was allegedly touched by her swim teacher during a lesson.

The girl was one of nine alleged victims of former swimming teacher Kyle Daniels, who is standing trial over 21 charges relating to sexually touching his students at Mosman Swim Centre on Sydney’s north shore between 2018 and 2019.

He has pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a child aged under 10, eight counts of sexual touching of a child and eight counts of indecent assault, including two considered alternative charges.

Mr Daniels is accused of touching the girls – who were under 10 years of age at the time – both on top and underneath their swimming costumes.

Camera IconKyle Daniels is accused of sexually touching nine young girls. Gaye Gerard / NCA NewsWire Credit: News Corp Australia

The now 23-year-old had been working part-time as an instructor while attending university.

On Wednesday, the woman took to the witness stand, where she explained to the jury the moment her daughter revealed how her teacher had allegedly touched her between the legs.

The court was told the mother had picked up her daughters from dancing and decided to have a talk with them after reports in the media about Mr Daniels’ arrest in March 2019.

“I was sitting in the driver’s seat and I turned around and I said ‘I have something to speak to you about’ and they were like … ‘OK sure,’” she told the court.

She told her daughters: “You know it’s not appropriate for anyone to touch you on your private parts”.

The woman said she explained further and “made the point that it didn’t matter who it was, it was inappropriate”.

The woman told the court her daughter spoke to her as the girls were finishing their dinner in the car.

Mr Daniels was arrested in 2019. Instagram
Camera IconMr Daniels was arrested in 2019. Instagram Credit: Supplied

The girl said to her mother: “Mum, do you know my swimming teacher touches me there.”

When her mother questioned her further, she said the teacher allegedly “pushed her along” by touching her there while she was doing breaststroke.

“She said he ‘grabbed her’ while she was doing breaststroke and pushed her along,” the mother said.

The woman told the court that she later spoke to her daughter alone and asked her more about how her swimming teacher allegedly touched her.

“She didn’t really want to talk; she just looked scared … she said it was hard to explain,” the woman said, becoming visibly upset.

She broke down in tears as she said: “I asked if it would be easier to show me on a teddy bear”.

The woman told the court her daughter put the teddy bear face down and put her hand between its legs.

Camera IconKyle Daniels has been supported by his parents throughout the trial. NCA NewsWire / Dylan Coker Credit: News Corp Australia

“I asked her if, when that was happening, if she felt like it was wrong … she said it felt wrong,” she said.

Earlier in the week, the young girl’s evidence was played to the court, which revealed she thought the alleged sexual touching was a “normal part” of her lessons.

The girl said she didn’t want her mother to tell anyone because she “didn’t think it was important”.

“I didn’t think there was anything to worry about because I thought it was just like what a swimming teacher does, even though it had never happened before at previous swimming schools,” the girl told the court.

When the girl found out her mother had told her dad, she said she was annoyed.

She told the court her teacher had put one hand on her bladder and the other on her private parts.

“I thought it was how you got taught to do breaststroke, even though it wasn’t how it happened at my previous school,” the girl said.

Mr Daniels was arrested on March 12, 2019 and taken to Manly police station.

Following his arrest, police appealed for further information from parents associated with the swim school and received complaints from other alleged victims.

The trial before Judge Kara Shead continues.

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