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Minor improvements to set you in good stead for the new year

As the festive season approaches and people take a break to relax and unwind, it is worth using your time off to make some minor improvements around the house if you are planning on selling in the new year.

REIWA President Damian Collins said these home improvements didn’t have to be logistical headaches or have you digging too deep into your wallet either.

“The good news is you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a big impact,” he said, adding that the first thing to consider is how you can ensure a great first impression for potential buyers.

“A good first impression will go a long way.

“Clean, repair and repaint your front fence if it’s looking worse for wear and replace your letterbox if it has seen better days.

“A feature that gets overlooked is the driveway, so be sure to repair any large cracks or potholes.”

Agreeing that first impressions are vital, Bourkes Principal and Licensee Alan Bourke said to go to the front of the home and look at it from the road.

“Look at the presentation of your letterbox, garden, gutters, bargeboards and driveway,” he said, also recommending to prune bushes and trees to bring more natural light into the home.

Although now firmly in summer, the holiday break is the perfect opportunity to spring clean.

“It’s time to minimise the clutter in your home,” Mr Bourke said. “All those projects you were going to do – now is the time to be ruthless.

“Buyers look for clean, uncluttered surfaces. It is easier on the eyes, so minimise everything.

“The more clutter removed, the larger the home appears.

“Hire a storage room if you need to, they’re good value for these reasons – someone might even have a spare garage.”

Supporting the sentiment that minimalism is key when selling a home is LJ Hooker Kalamunda Foothills Principal and Licensed Auctioneer Grant Winning.

“Declutter, declutter, declutter,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if your garage or workshop is full to the brim – less is more.”

Another easy fix in the home are light bulbs, according to both Mr Winning and Mr Bourke.

“Get rid of bare light globes,” Mr Winning said. “You don’t need to spend a fortune on light fittings – look for ones on special.”

“Look at outdated light fittings and replace with modern ones,” Mr Bourke said.

“Often, changing quartz halogen lights with LEDs will improve the look and the light in the home.”

If you are planning on undertaking a bigger project like refurbishing your bathroom, Mr Bourke offered advice on how to save some cash.

“To retile the bathroom is expensive, however by using tile paint it will achieve a good result at minimal cost,” he said.

“Do the small jobs by yourself, but the large jobs will need a professional.”

When overhauling your bathroom, Mr Bourke suggested to look at the shower screens.

“If they are the old-style armoured glass, replace these with transparent safety glass,” he said.

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