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Michelle Obama says Donald Trump is behaving like a ‘divorced dad’

Michelle Obama has compared America to a broken family with Donald Trump behaving like a “divorced dad” at an event in London.

Mrs Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama was in the city to promote her best-selling autobiography Becoming, and she vented her frustration about the US president attempting to eradicate her husband’s legacy.

“We are a teenager, we’re changing all over the place and we come from a broken family.

“We’re a little unsettled and having good parents is tough. Sometimes you spend the weekends with divorced dad and that feels like it’s fun, but then you get sick. That’s what America’s going through. We’re kind of living with divorced dad right now.”

media_cameraMichelle Obama was in London to again promote her biography Becoming. Picture: Getty Images

Taking aim at Mr Trump, she added: “For anyone who had any problems with Barack Obama, let’s just think about what we were troubled by — there were never any indictments.”

She also urged the people of the UK to stay engaged with politics and to resist becoming complacent or cynical.

The former US first lady said people “cannot afford to sit on the sidelines”, and said it is time to “roll up our sleeves”.

Mrs Obama also charmed the crowd by telling anecdotes about meeting the “wonderfully warm and funny” Queen Elizabeth and praising London’s diversity.

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media_cameraThe former US First Lady was interviewed on stage by talk show host, Stephen Colbert. Picture: Getty Images

She had the sellout audience — many of whom had travelled hours to attend — laughing along within minutes of taking the stage, recounting the furore she caused in 2009 when she breached royal protocol by putting her arm around the queen.

“Yikes! Sorry guys,” she joked, explaining she later learned to keep her hands clasped or behind her back to curb her natural instincts.

media_cameraDonald Trump. Acting like a “divorced dad”, apparently. Picture: AFP
media_cameraMichelle Obama lashed out at the president over tarnishing her husband’s legacy. Picture: AP

Nevertheless, she had no regrets when it came to the queen: “I don’t know that I could have done anything differently because it was a natural human reaction.”

She said she had been touched by the Queen’s decision to wear a small pin badge the presidential couple had given her as a gift, and described Britain’s 92-year-old monarch in glowing terms: “That was my experience, that has been my experience: that kind of warmth and graciousness and intelligence and wit — I like her.”

Mrs Obama’s book tour has so far taken her across North America and Scandinavia. After London, she will go to Paris and Amsterdam.

media_cameraMichelle Obama spoke about her admiration for the Queen. Picture: Getty Images

Last month, the book’s German publisher said Becoming could become the biggest- selling autobiography ever.

Mrs Obama, asked by host Stephen Colbert what advice she had for people in Britain about how to stay calm in a time of turmoil — a likely reference to political divisions over Brexit — said London was unique and should treasure its diversity.

“This trepidation, the anxiety, it’s everywhere, it’s all over the world,” she said.

“I was looking out over the city, London, a beautiful city, and the thing I love about it is it is truly representative of true international diversity, in ways that you don’t see in cities, most cities particularly, even in the United States, and that is a gift,” she said, drawing cheers.

media_cameraThe Obamas and the Trumps on Inauguration Day in 2017. Picture: AFP

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