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Meyers takes aim at Spacey, Weinstein and gender inequality in his Golden Globes monologue

Host Seth Meyers came out swinging at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, directly addressing in his monologue the issues of sexual harassment and gender inequality that have roiled the industry for months.

He lobbed hard-hitting jokes at Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and, of course, President Trump.

Meyers also acknowledged the awkwardness of a straight white male hosting the show on this particular night. He ended the monologue on a sincere note, “People in this room worked really hard to get here, but it’s clearer now than ever before that the women had to work even harder. So thank you for all the amazing work that you’ve all done and continue to do. I look forward to you leading us to whatever comes next.”

Here are a few of the best zingers.

  • “I was happy to hear they’re going to do another season of ‘House of Cards.’ Is Christopher Plummer available to do that too? I hope he can do a Southern accent, because Kevin Spacey sure couldn’t… Oh, is that too mean? To Kevin Spacey?”
  • “When I first heard about a film where a woman falls in love with a hideous sea monster, [‘The Shape of Water’], I thought it was a Woody Allen movie.”
  • “I think it’s time to address the elephant not in the room. Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight because well, I’ve heard rumors he’s crazy and difficult to work with. Don’t worry, he’ll be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person ever booed in the In Memoriam.”
  • “A special hello to other hosts of awards shows who are watching me tonight like the first dog they shot into outer space.”
  • In a bit borrowed from his show, “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell,” Meyers asked some of his non-straight-white-male showbiz friends to deliver the punchlines to his setups. Like this one, with help from Jessica Chastain: “The Golden Globes turned 75 years old this year…but the actress who plays its wife is still only 32.” 
  • In a veiled barb aimed at Trump, Meyers joked, “A lot of people thought it would be more appropriate for a woman to host these awards and they may be right. If it’s any consolation I am a man with absolutely no power in Hollywood. I’m not even the most powerful Seth in the room tonight. [Camera cuts to Seth Rogen]. Remember when he was the guy making trouble with North Korea? Simpler times.”

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