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Members on target despite high temperature

Hedland Sporting Shooters Club held its final official field rifle event last Sunday, with points going towards the 2018 club championship including rimfire and centrefire disciplines.

With the warm weather coming, members are now dealing with the heat instead of the usual blustery days.

Sunday’s weather was fairly kind despite the 39C heat and scores were fairly high.

For the rimfire event Chris Lefroy took out first place with a score of 354.1. Second was Cairn Green on 334.2, third was Jason Reed on 326.2, fourth was Philip Murray on 315.2, fifth was Di Nicholls with a score of 303.3, sixth was Nesbit Anderson on 294.2, seventh was Colin Fiedler with a score of 289.2 and eighth was Pete Nicholls with a score of 253.1 Green took out first place with a personal best and new club record in the centrefire, shooting a score of 368.2, second place was Murray, shooting his personal best with a score of 359.6, third place was Lefroy with a score of 344.2, fourth place was Fiedler with a score of 324 and fifth place was Reed with a score of 322.

November’s field rifle event will be a novelty shoot in both rimfire and centrefire events.

Hedland Sporting Shooters Club members shoot varying disciplines every Sunday at 9am. New members and spectators are welcome.

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