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Marissa Tofield: Court told woman’s offer to provide drugs for alleged revenge plot just ‘bravado’

A woman’s offer to provide cable ties and GBL to a friend allegedly seeking revenge on an abusive boyfriend was just “bravado” and came during an amateur counselling session, her lawyer has claimed.

Marissa Tofield will be sentenced on Friday for her role in a plot allegedly cooked up with Claire Dawson, who police say wanted to “G-out” her partner Raimondo Corak-Phan as payback for domestic violence.

The NSW District Court has been told Tofield was caught on a police phone tap in December 2019 saying, allegedly to Ms Dawson, “I’ll give you saline and G.”

But the alleged conspiracy to drug Mr Corak-Phan was foiled when police swooped on the two women in January 2020.

Claire Dawson and Raimondo Corak-Phan.
Camera IconClaire Dawson and Raimondo Corak-Phan. Credit: News Corp Australia

Both women were originally charged with conspiracy to murder, but those charges were later downgraded to conspiracy to poison offences upon negotiations.

Tofield, 29, has pleaded guilty. Ms Dawson is still before the courts.

The court was told on Thursday that Tofield’s behaviour could be explained by her traumatic upbringing marred by domestic violence.

She had also struggled from an early age with gender identity, which drove her towards using drugs and abusing alcohol and to work as an escort.

On one occasion in her youth she was “paraded” down the street wearing a leotard and pelted with rocks by her parents, her barrister Wayne Condon said.

Marissa Tofield has pleaded guilty to conspiring to administer poison.
Camera IconMarissa Tofield has pleaded guilty to conspiring to administer poison. Credit: News Corp Australia

Mr Condon said Tofield had been exposed to “some fairly horrendous situations” in her work, including being drugged by clients.

He said she was seeking to enter rehabilitation but had been recently rejected from a residential clinic due to issues surrounding her gender identity.

Crown prosecutor Keith Alder argued against claims that Tofield’s alleged conversation with Ms Dawson was merely a counselling session for a friend in need.

Mr Alder said the comments were also more than “bravado” and she was proactively offering to provide drugs that would cause distress to Mr Corak-Phan.

“The crown submits this goes well beyond a counselling session,” he said.

“She’s actually taking to her about a process and a plan to give the victim this ‘G’ drug so he would be ‘G’d out’.

“The crown would say that’s a retribution to the domestic violence Ms Dawson has suffered at the hands of the victim.”

When police raided Tofield’s Glebe house they found 15ml of GBL, the court had previously been told.

Judge Dina Yehia told the court she would sentence Tofield on Friday afternoon but assured her she would not be going to jail.

“The end result will be a form of community order,” Judge Yehia said.

Ms Dawson’s matter will return to court in December.

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