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Man finds lost canine, three years after he went missing

GIORGI Bereziani thought he would never see his beloved dog, Jorge, again.

Mr Bereziani who lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, had lost Jorge in 2015 but had never stopped searching for him, putting up ads for help and combing pet shelters for any sign of his estranged canine.

So when a friend of the 62-year-old noticed a similar looking dog sitting outside of the building where he was working, he called Mr Bereziani and told him he thought the dog looked like Jorge.

owner reunited with dog after three years

Mr Bereziani took the bus straight to the place where Jorge was spotted, videoing his journey, along the way.

As he approaches the sleeping dog, he calls out Jorge’s name. The dog takes a brief second, before the flicker of recognition sets in — ears go up — and he runs to his human.

In the heartwarming video, Jorge cries out and hugs Mr Bereziani, throwing his front paws around him and whimpering in disbelief.

(Note, the emotional moment happens from 1.54 on the video.)

media_cameraJorge hears his human call his name. Picture: YouTube

“Jorge, is that you?’ Jorge, Jorge, it’s you! Oh, dear boy, how are you, boy?” Mr Bereziani says in a moment to make the world weep.

Jorge sports a yellow tag on his ear, which means he was taken from the streets by animal control workers at some point, but it was considered harmless, so was vaccinated and released.

media_cameraSo good things do happen in the world! Picture: YouTube

Mr Bereziani then films the moment Jorge is reunited with other family members and there are hugs, woofs and cries all around.

So Jorge is back home where he belongs and the rest of us smiled (and cried), for there was some good news in the world.

media_cameraGood boy, Jorge! Picture: YouTube


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